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—————- Part 1 ——————–

How proud am I of our staff??? Very, very, VERY proud!  La-on outdid herself with the logistics of organising both resources and staff for the 5 shoots booked on Samui last night (the 6th was on Koh Phangan … more of that later!)…

La-on really is amazing, and it all seems to come so naturally to her. In fact she was more concerned about me having to go over to Koh Phangan by myself (we would normally have a small team of at least 3 people for the KP shoot), and – well – I am knocking on a bit and get a bit tired sometimes lol.

All 5 Koh Samui shoots went off on time, and the feedback I have had so far has been fantastic. Our good friend and wedding planner TinaRoperMorley was able to see one of the bigger shoots from her home (‘A front row seat’ she said lol), and gave me the kind of feedback we live for! Thanks Tina!

A big THANK YOU to all of our amazing staff who really pulled out the stops last night, even as far as going to help other teams once their own shoot had finished! And a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful lady La-on, who never ceases to amaze me with her abilities and wonderful outlook on life… she is an inspiration! X

———— Part 2 ——————–

I found out the ‘full story’ behind the Koh Phangan shoot once I got over there, and it didn’t really surprise me at all.

(Info: Koh Phangan (of Full Moon Party fame) lies about 20kms north of Samui, and takes between 30 minutes to an hour or so to get there from Samui … depending on how fast the boat is! lol)

When the wedding planner originally called me (a couple of days before the event) I had to say we couldn’t help as we were already stretched with 4 bookings (we got the 5th later … close to another booking venue and at a later time… which made it viable for us).

We really don’t like to disappoint anyone, but with 2 quite large shoots as part of the 4 bookings we had at that time, we couldn’t see how we could possibly create a team to go to KP.

I was asked if we knew of any firework suppliers on KP, but had to break the bad news that – as far as we knew – there were no firework display outfits on K.P., but that maybe there was a shop selling fireworks that may be able to help?
After ringing around everywhere he could think of – even other planners and resorts (who all told him that they only use us), he was desperate to get fireworks somehow.

He was well aware of Ralph Taylor’s history on Samui (Ralph Taylor – or Robert Taylor, or Simon Sneddle, or whatever name he is using these days – is a firework seller who also shoots on Samui, and has been involved in numerous ‘incidents’ over recent times, including (but not limited to!) setting fire to villas and damaging resort property with his fireworks). However, the planner in KP was desperate and decided to take the plunge and call him to see if he would come to KP to shoot.

Initially Taylor agreed, and the planner was happy to be able to tell the wedding party that fireworks were back on the menu. However, a short while later Taylor called to say that he had changed his mind, and that he wasn’t going to come to shoot as he had another (bigger?) booking … he would come over to Koh Phangan to deliver the fireworks, but wouldn’t stay to shoot them.

The planner thought at least they would have some fireworks and therefore agreed.

However … a short while after that, Taylor informed the wedding planner that he had changed his mind and he now wouldn’t even deliver the fireworks, and that if the planner wanted them, he would have to come over to Koh Samui to collect them himself! (Simply not viable given the timing).

It was then that the planner told Taylor it was impossible for him to come to Samui at that time, and so not to bother, and that he would give The Firework Shop another call to see if they could help.

At this point Taylor then called the wedding planner a ‘D*ckHead’ !!

I didn’t know any of this at the time of course… all I knew was that I got another call from the planner desperately asking if there was anything we could do to help. I had a word with La-on, and she agreed that the only way we could possibly help was if I went over to KP myself.

And THAT is how I ended up going to KP yesterday! And what a lovely day it was too! The venue was on a beautiful beach-side villa/resort. The planner was so grateful for our help in providing the firework display that I was spoiled rotten all day, and even had a small (and fast!) boat to take me back to Samui later that night!

So … all in all … a great day for The Firework Shop!

————- Part 3 —————-

La-on is a kind-hearted and generous woman, and has taught me to be a kinder and more magnanimous person (never too late to learn eh? lol), and so it is with a kind heart that – despite slandering us for the last 5 years – I would like to help Robert/Ralph/Simon.

I know that he reads our posts, so … the following advice is for you Ralph Taylor …

Firstly … May I respectfully suggest that – once you make a booking – you commit yourself to it, rather than cancelling it because you get another booking that may make you more money, or be ‘easier’ for you.

I do however appreciate the fact that you are a ‘one man band’, and (unlike The Firework Shop with 3 fully trained and experienced shoot teams) you don’t have any trained staff ‘teams’, but still … a booking is a commitment – a ‘contract’ if you will, and it is considered very unprofessional in most circles to simply ‘dump’ a customer or client simply because it suits you.

Secondly … may I also respectfully suggest that calling a potential long-term client a ‘Di*khead’ is probably not very conducive to developing a mutually respectful and professional relationship with said client at any point in the future.

In fact I would go so far as to say that could well spoil the chance of any business coming from that particular client at any time in the next… oh… say – 50 years!

Thirdly … something that you are patently unaware of, and something that I consider almost a moral duty to point out to you (it’s okay… you don’t need to thank me for all of this advice)… is that Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are relatively small island communities, and that groups of ‘like-minded’ individuals (Wedding Planners for example) actually talk to each other, and word of anything of a negative nature quickly makes the rounds … particularly with modern social media being widely used and readily available… something you may want to think about.

SO … as a summary (to make things easier for you) …

1 – Don’t dump a client after booking them simply because it suits you better …

2 – Don’t call clients ‘D*ckheads’ (or any other naughty names for that matter) – especially to their face or in a message … it simply doesn’t make for good business… and… finally …

3 – Be aware that good reputation is vital for any business (refer back to points 1 & 2)

I realise that I used a couple of ‘big’ words here, so I have included a link to an online dictionary below to help you. (No need to thank me.)

I do hope this helps Robert/Ralph/Simon.

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