Well… New Year is finally ‘put to bed’, and it is back to business as usual! We have all been replacing the rather worn-out concrete path leading up to the front of the Maenam shop… it seemed to take a heck of a lot of sand, stone, and cement! Our backs have been aching for 4 days solid! Still… it was worth it… looks very good. Unfortunately, while we were digging around, I realised that the sign out the front of the shop was starting to look a bit ‘weary’, so our current project involves us ripping out the old… and putting up a new – rather dapper – sign. Photos will make their way up here in due course!

My welding is definitely improving! Well… in the sense that I can now stick bits of metal together quite well, giving a strong joint… but ‘looks’?… that’s a different thing altogether! I reckon the best description for my welding is ‘strong but ugly’! lol As my mate Roger says… ‘It would take a bloody nuclear bomb to blow that apart!’ … said as I was throwing a recently finished 4 inch rack around the back garden (on concrete) to show just how strong it was! 🙂 What I didn’t know was that welding gives you sunburn! Put it this way… I now don’t use welding goggles (opting for the full face mask now), and I wear long sleeved T-shirts when welding! You live and learn eh?

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