This is a lovely 20,000 baht shoot for a wedding, and finishes with a beautiful lance-work set-piece consisting of 2 x 3 metre waterfalls with double inter-locking hearts (complete with Cupid’s arrow!) in between them. The guy who shouts out ‘Happy New Year‘ is either a few days late for the Chinese New Year celebrations, or a couple of months too late for the New Year! lol lol – or maybe he is just getting into the swing!

We are shooting firework displays for more and more weddings these days, and we now tend to think of them as our ‘speciality’… certainly our ‘romantic’ shoots seem to be well appreciated, by both the Bride and Groom, as well as the guests. Well done ‘Green Team‘ for a lovely shoot.

As normal the camera is way too close to the fireworks to get a really good view/perspective of the display, and – with this in mind – I have finally decided to buy a wide-angle camera so that we can capture the display in full! (About time too – says La-on!). This will mean that we will be uploading more of our shoots! (Yeeaaaaah!).

For the safest, best value, and most beautiful shoots on Samui, there is really only one place to go… the professionals… The Firework Shop!

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