Videos of Firework Displays in Koh Samui

Koh Samui Wedding Fireworks Video

A beautiful wedding video made by ‘Wedding Film Asia Koh Samui’ for Margarita & Thomas’ wedding. The wedding day was organised by Tina Roper Morley, with fireworks by ‘The Firework Shop’ (Naturally!)

Koh Samui Weddings Promo, with Fireworks!

Faraway Weddings Promo Video featuring firework displays provided by The Firework Shop…


Examples of firework displays

Various budget levels

10,000 baht firework display example

A very sweet display showing that even our lowest budget package can still give you a firework display that you can be proud of! Depending on the fireworks used, this budget can provide a display lasting around 2 minutes (approx), and is ideal for those who are not particularly ‘firework freaks, or don’t have a big budget… those who simply want a ‘small but sweet’ firework display to celebrate their special event… whether that be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a family BBQ on the beach! With The Firework Shop, unlike others (who use the same format every time) each and every firework display we shoot is unique, and created especially for YOUR special evening.

15,000 baht firework display example

A fantastic action-packed firework display from Samui’s ONLY firework professionals! 🙂 This is a great example showing off the quality fireworks from our partner company PhiChet fireworks. The Firework Shop are the only suppliers on Samui that can provide these highest quality products. A great show which shows just what we can do with a 15,000 baht budget!

15,000 baht firework display example

This was a lovely shoot for the wedding of Marita and Ryno, a terrific couple just starting on their journey through life together. There was a great party atmosphere from the whole group, who really enjoyed the firework display (as you will hear on the video lol). Ryno (the Groom) started the firework display himself, using a small hand-held remote control, with the Blue Team Leader (Baahn) then taking over the display using the main remote firing system. Congratulations Marita and Ryno, and La-on and I would like to wish you both the very best of everything that you would wish for yourselves, and hope you have a long and loving life together.

The wedding was organised by Natalie (, a company which have one of the nicest ‘strap-lines’ I have come across… it goes… ‘”We can do no great things only small things with great love.” How nice is that!?

20,000 baht firework display example

This video which shows just what a great firework display you can get for only 20,000 baht! The clients wanted it to last as long as possible without compromising the quality of the display, and weren’t too bothered about having lots of mortars… so – with this in mind we concentrated on providing some beautiful display cakes… 100 shot cakes, 150 shot cakes, and a couple of 250 shot cakes… with a few mortars to finish off the display. The clients were ‘over the moon’ with the results… which was just what they wanted! The Groom actually shot the first few mortars to open the display himself, using a small wireless remote control… Baahn and the team then took over, shooting the rest of the display on the main shooting system. A great mix of multi-shot cakes, along with a finale of bigger single-shot display mortars went into making this show, and we hope you enjoy it as much as the client and their guests did!

Another 20,000 baht firework display

A lovely shoot for Tina of ‘Signature Weddings’. The shoot took place at the beautiful La Lagune resort, and shows nicely how a 20k budget can give a very pretty 3 minute show without having to compromise on the kind of quality firework display that The Firework Shop is renowned for.

25,000 baht firework display example

A great display which shows just how good a professional firework display you can get for a 25,000 baht budget. Unlike other suppliers on Samui, we do NOT pad-out our displays with small ‘party-type’ firework cakes just to make our displays longer… we believe a quality display is much more memorable than a long boring show with lots of little fireworks! All of our fireworks are 100% professional quality … Chinese, Japanese, and Thai… The Bride & Groom and their guests, were delighted with their display. To make your special event even more special, contact The Firework Shop; Koh Samui’s original and ONLY professional pyrotechnicians. Why settle for 2nd rate when you can have ‘The Real Deal’? The Firework Shop… the safest… the best value… the best shows… the professionals! Contact us at… or visit our Facebook page for the latest news.

50,000 baht firework display example

A lovely example of an action-packed, multi-level firework display with a 50,000 baht budget. This display could have ‘stretched’ a little, to maybe 5 or even 6 minutes (by replacing some of the mortars with more cakes, and shooting a little slower for example) but the clients wanted a full-on exciting display, and were not concerned about the time, as there was also a great lance-work set-piece, followed by Fire Dancers, and then 100 Chinese lanterns to fly! We had planned this to last 4 mins 30 secs, and – in the end – were pretty damn close to that target. Everything went perfectly, and the Bride and Groom and their guests had a fantastic night’s entertainment. Our congratulations to Andreas and his lovely bride, Jarintip… it was a pleasure to help you celebrate your wedding day. Congratulations also go to Ad, Maria, and the amazing Natalie… as the wedding planners ( they did a fantastic job in making sure everything went perfectly. A wonderful night!

60,000 baht firework display example

What a terrific night last night was! This shoot was for Misha’s birthday at a villa in Coconut Paradise in BangPo.. and it would be difficult to meet a nicer group of people! It was a dream shoot to do, as all they did was give us a budget to work to… no request for the display to last ‘x’ minutes… no special requests for colours or effects… they were happy simply leaving us to do what we do best, and trusted us to give them an exciting and dramatic firework display. The shoot was set-up on the beach, some 2 metres below the level of the garden where Misha and his friends were to stand. This natural safety barrier meant that Misha et al were able to stand a bit closer than we would normally allow spectators… so they could really enjoy their fireworks! 🙂

This was a short-notice booking which was only confirmed at 11:30 in the morning… so we had only 6 hours to plan and refine the shoot, and select the fireworks we wanted before we had to leave to actually set-up on the shoot site! Things got a bit hectic when we arrived on-site to find the water was literally lapping at the sea wall! We couldn’t do anything on the beach at all… so we started to prepare the mortars on the raised garden… getting the right sized mortars in a long queue, and organising the shells by putting them in the order that La-on had planned. We also attached the igniters to the trace wires, so that when we could get down on the beach, all we had to do was fit the jigsaw pieces together! It was great to watch the team at work getting everything ready… they worked so well together it gave me goosebumps, and made me very proud. When we finally got down onto the beach we had less than 2 hours to put everything together. The trenches were built… mortar tubes handed down from the garden in order and placed in the trenches… with each one then getting its right shell… followed up by La-on checking that the shells were sitting right and cutting the quick-fuse to the right length. Once all the mortars were set-up we all then worked from each end of the long line putting the igniters into the quick-fuse. The cakes were next… all 1.3g display cakes… 2x 138 shot (1.25 inch dia.)… 2x 100 shot display cakes (1.5 inch dia)… 1x 160 shot (2 inch dia). Once fused it was time to connect everything up to the remote systems. The opening barrage of 6 mortars were wired up to a 10 cue sequencer that would be shot by the birthday boy himself with a WiFi remote, with Nu and Baahn taking over the rest of the shoot. The remote systems we used were 2x 40 cue WiFi sequencers… 1x 24 cue WiFi sequencer… 2x 10 cue WiFi sequencers, and 2 units from a ‘step by step’ WiFi system. Every shell and cake performed perfectly with no failures, but I was particularly impressed with the 2 inch dia. cake (160 shot)… we will definitely be ordering more of them!! The timing of the display was perfect too… we had planned for 5 minutes… and it was bang on the button! Misha and his friends really enjoyed the show (as you can tell by the video), which makes everything worthwhile. The team were even complimented on their professionalism by one of Misha’s friends… it made them happy to hear that, and me very proud of them. BIG thanks to Nu, Baahn, P’Dtuan, the wonderful La-on, and the 2 ‘Go-Fers’ (Go for this… Go for that! lol) Dtong and Saa… WELL DONE team… well done indeed!

65,000 baht firework display example

This is an example of a firework display made-up only of the big diameter mortars (Single-shot professional display fireworks)… the budget for this shoot was 65,000 baht.

A great display for Khun Chat (Bliss Weddings and Events) at the Conrad on Koh Samui consisting only of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 inch mortars. The guests were around 45 metres above the shoot site, which is why the package only had mortars. The display was shot from 3 different locations on the beach, and used a mix of sequencer sets and step-by-step shots by hand (using a WiFi remote system). The shells used were a mix from Italy, Japan, China, and Thailand. The guests were delighted with their firework display, and even the G.M. of Conrad commented that it was without doubt the best firework display he had seen on Samui! 🙂

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