The last couple of weeks have been hectic (slight understatement there! lol), and there is little sign of it easing up for the next month or so at least! It’s all good news though – business-wise – so I am absolutely NOT complaining lol.

We were vivited by our old friends (old as in we have known them for a while – as opposed to them being old!) Christian and Melanie from Wupperthal, Germany a week ago. It was so good to see them again, particularly as both of them are firework ‘experts’ in their own right. They run their own firework shop in Wupperthal, so we spent a lot of time swapping stories, and me picking their brains for any information that could help us improve our service and standards of safety. Christian mentioned the cost of remote firing systems in Europe (very expensive), so I put him in touch with a Chinese contact of ours that actually manufacture many of the sytems available in Europe… at around 50% of the cost if bought from them direct! I showed Christian and Melanie some of the systems we use, and their faces lit up… I hope they work out for you guys!

I will upload some pictures soon, as well as a link to their website. I do hope that next time (soon?) we will be able to spend more time together… it is so cool talking to fellow ‘pyro-nuts’, and I am proud to call Chris and Mel our Pyro- brother and sister!

There can be nothing better than the approval of your peers, and when Chris and Mel saw how we set-up and shoot, and the level of safety we bring to all aspects of our work they gave us the ‘thumbs-up’! For our standards of safety and service to be acceptable by our peers – judging us under European standards – then I can feel proud about our work. Thank you to you both… and I hope we meet again very soon. Have a safe trip home guys!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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