The Firework Shop … still Koh Samui‘s only professional fully-dedicated firework shop that has trained and experienced shooting teams!

The Firework Shop is busier than ever, and although we shoot displays for many types of events, it seems these days that we are shooting more and more for weddings, and I think that we can safely say that weddings are now our ‘specialty’! The various lance-work options… including heart shapes and romantic messages… are becoming very popular, and the waterfall ‘curtain’ – which we normally light after the firework display – continues to bring gasps of delight from the wedding couple and their guests, and gives the most beautiful photo-opportunity!

Now that I have ‘retired’ (lol) it is great being able to stand-back and watch the staff at work! I am really proud of the safety levels they enforce, and their commitment to providing the best possible display at each and every shoot. When a shoot doesn’t go exactly to plan (a particular firework doesn’t perform as expected, or the timing wasn’t quite right etc) they take it really personally, and discuss how things could have been done better/differently. We are so lucky to have such committed staff… many of whom have been with us since we first opened almost 7 years ago… and they are always thinking of ways to make ‘The Firework Shop experience’ better and better.

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