Around 85%+ of our bookings are weddings, and it is always so wonderful to be able to play a part in the celebrations of such a special day in people’s lives… and provide some terrific pyrotechnic memories for the happy couple and their guests. Each and every wedding shoot is unique, and it is always a buzz to see the faces of people and hear their whoops of delight as we shoot their very own ‘tailor-made’ firework display. The joy for La-on and I… and the super people that make up our shoot teams… never fades… despite shooting literally thousands of displays over the last 9+ years! However… proposals are a different kettle of fish altogether!

Proposal bookings usually start off with a ‘nervous’ email stating that they are planning a proposal and would like fireworks/lance-work. Sometimes an event or wedding planner is used (which makes life a lot easier for the nervous ‘proposee’ lol), but often they are organised by the proposee themselves… usually on the pretense of a short holiday to celebrate a birthday… or ‘X amount’ of years together etc. Obviously, all the arrangements have to be kept secret from the other partner!

Due to the personal communications between us and the proposee, our involvement becomes a very personal one, and brings a different dimension into our work, as usually (if an event or wedding planner isn’t involved) we will need to do some ‘extra’ (non-firework related) bits for the proposee… organising floral bouquets for example. This makes proposal events even more personal for us, and – although we have a 100% success rate – there is always that slim chance……. !!

We were first contacted by Kui Ching in June last year… he had some super ideas on just how his proposal evening could go, and it was delightful to be able to work with him in refining the ideas until we came up with what he considered to be the perfect solution.

As far as his partner was concerned it was a short holiday to celebrate his birthday… little did she know what a wonderful experience was in store for her!

We put Kui Ching intouch with the wonderful Anne Sophie Maestracci and her associates to be their photographer, and helped Kui Ching with the bouquet of red roses he wanted. He also thought it was a fantastic idea to be able to ‘press the button’ to start the pyrotechnics himself!

After almost a year (and close to 40 emails), everything was in place and all that was left was for Kui Ching’s nervousness not to give the game away before they actually arrived on the island!

Of course… everything went as planned, and Kui Ching’s partner had absolutely no idea just how special this night was going to be… until Kui Ching pressed the button!! 🙂

A few little fireworks and a waterfall effect set-piece to get her attention (and looking the right way!) and then the lance-work proposal… and after the resultant acceptance and hug, more fireworks!

And what a wonderful job Anne Sophie’s associate photographer did in capturing the romance, love, joy, and excitement of the whole event!!

I have only posted a selection of the amazing array of pictures taken that night, but I think they convey everything a successful proposal is about… especially the smiles and love!… Wonderful!

All photos courtesy of Anne Sophie Maesracci and Associates ( & )

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