The Firework Shop welcomes our newest client

The Firework Shop welcomes our newest client

A huge welcome to Tina Roper-Morley of Unique Wedding & Events! Tina is a wedding planner here on Koh Samui, and with many years of top quality experience and an amazing imagination she offers a superb and personal service to those planning their very special day.

Thank you for choosing The Firework Shop as your Pyro-provider Tina… we look forward to working with you and helping you make your client’s special day just that little bit more special with their very own personalised firework display.

Here’s to a work-filled 2016!

Parties and Weddings Galore!

Parties and Weddings Galore!

The last few days have been terrific for us here at The Firework Shop, with a mix of both private shoots and wedding shoots for resorts and wedding planners.

We have met some old friends (So glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday shoot Clive!) and made new friends (Looking forward to shooting your son’s birthday ‘pyro-special’ Steve!), and have had shoots at some of the most beautiful and exclusive resorts on the island, including Silavadee, Conrad, ‘W’ Retreat, Zazen, and Le Meridien. (more…)

The Firework Shop – Busy, busy, busy!

The Firework Shop – Busy, busy, busy!

Well… where to start?Β The 3 shoots we had booked on the night of August 8th went well … lots of guests ‘a whoopin’ an’a hollerin’ in all 3 venues (Love to hear the guests enjoying their fireworks)… although the following night we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather gods and had to cancel the Faraway wedding shoot πŸ™ The weather was simply too unpredictable, with the wind gusting and changing direction at the drop of a hat. (more…)

5 shoots booked for tonight! No rest for the wicked(ly good!)

Half-way through a very busy day, and having a break for a coffee and munch.

FIVE (yes, 5!) shoots booked for tonight, but (fortunately) 2 of the shoots are not only fairly close to 2 others, but they are late enough for 2 of the teams to finish up at their earlier shoots and move to their second shoot venues with enough time to set-up safely (Phew!). So – as per normal – my job is to get all the remote firing systems ready, and to programme the sequencers that will be used tonight. We have a selection of sequencers, which include 6, 10, 12, 24, and 40 cue systems. They can either be used as stand-alone systems (for example, the 6 and 10 cue sequencers are normally wired up separately so that guests can shoot the opening few mortars of their own display… very popular!), but all can be also used as extensions to either the main firing system (Mains powered or WiFi) by being wired up to one of the main system cues. It gives a lot of flexibility… particularly as most of the sequencers can also be used as stand alone ‘step-by-step’ systems. Tonight one of the bigger shoots will have both a 12 and 24 cue sequencer wired up to the main system, to shoot a barrage of mortars ‘automatically’. La-on is in the shop finalising the selection of shells and cakes for tonight’s shoots (after us both sitting up till the ‘wee hours’ last night planning who goes where, and what shells and cakes to use. We also have a couple of lance-work set-pieces going on tonight, so they will be put together in the shop to save a bit of time later (obviously without igniters in place! lol). Another couple of hours and I will be finished with the systems and go and help La-on and the others in the shop organising and numbering up the shells and cakes. Wooo Hooo! πŸ™‚


Below are pictures of some of the firing systems and sequencers we will be using for tonight’s shoots … they include a couple of mains – powered systems, a couple of WiFi systems, and a mix of 6 cue, 10 cue, 12 cue, 24 cue, and 40 cue sequencers … most of them being programmable units. The smaller 6 cue and 10 cue sequencers are wired up as ‘stand alone’ mini-systems so that the guests can actually ‘press the button’ to shoot the first few opening mortars of their very own firework display! This is a very popular option, and is almost always asked for! πŸ™‚

A World Breaking Record Month for The Firework Shop!

June : A Record Breaking Month for The Firework Shop!
Last month was a great month for us all here at The Firework Shop, and – with 32 bookings – we beat our January 2015 previous record of 29 bookings!

It was pointed out to me way back in January that only a Disney world would have been able to beat our number of bookings (they shoot every night, and Jan. had 31 days, so they beat us by 2! lol), but last month – 30 days, with 32 bookings – would actually place us as the busiest firework business (booking-wise) on the entire planet!!!

OK … so any Disney Land would probably shoot more actual fireworks in one week than we would in a whole year lol, but – as far as the NUMBER of shoots goes, The Firework Shop are World Champions! Yay πŸ™‚

If anyone knows of a firework business that had more bookings last month than we did, I would love to hear about it!

Big, big, BIG thanks to all the staff, who have worked (and continue to work) so hard. We may well be ‘small fry’ compared to the huge shoots of the big guys, but the fireworks we use are exactly the same (in fact bigger than a lot of those used by European companies, due to the restrictions they must work to), and they are just as potentially dangerous, so there is NEVER a time we can relax or get complacent about what we do!

Arrogance, complacency and a big ego are the perfect ingredients for an accident as far as fireworks are concerned… you only have to look at Robert/Ralph Taylor’s firework safety record to see that! (Robert/Ralph Taylor is another firework ‘supplier’ on Koh Samui, and holds his own record… one of setting fire to the most villas, wedding tents and trees on Samui!).

I am so proud that our teams make sure that the set-up and shooting protocols and safety levels we have in place are never compromised – no matter how big or small the shoot is – and that they would also never compromise the safety of people or property.

A lot of the guys have been with us for many years, and could easily be considered as ‘equals’ by any of their U.S. or European peers. They would be more than capable of working alongside any of those ‘Big Guys’ … another fact that makes me very proud to have them onboard.

This month is already looking busy, with 25 bookings confirmed and 2 yet to be finalised, so no holidays booked yet! lol

And… if you are reading this Robert Taylor (also known as Ralph Taylor or Simon Sneddle!) I would like to make a point of thanking you! The numerous scandalous lies and slanderous comments you have made about myself, La-on, our business and our staff on the internet over the last 5 years has only helped to spur us on to be more professional in our work, and more determined to succeed in a way you could only ever dream of … of being the best that we can be … doing the best that we can do … and helping to make hundreds of freshly married couple’s wedding days even more special by providing them with our magical firework displays!

Of course, you didn’t actually help yourself very much by setting fire to a few villas along the way … or that wedding tent … or those trees and shrubs … or even covering wedding guests in firework debris … and shooting that firework ‘accidentally’ actually into a villa that time wasn’t such a good idea and didn’t do your already failing reputation much good either! Likewise simply not turning up for bookings (including a wedding and a kid’s birthday!)… So yes, your customers have left you in droves and come to us … the thing is, they have stayed with us! (NOT setting fire to villas helps lol) and now they can judge for themselves the difference in safety… in service… in professionalism… and – of course – just how much better our firework displays are!

So… thank you Robert/Ralph Taylor/Simon Sneddle … from the heart of my bottom! πŸ™‚

And now I intend to fix myself a rather large Gin and Tonic (with ice and lemon, of course) and revel in my smugness lol lol πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Firework Shop rules!!! πŸ™‚


Rain? What rain? Our luck with the weather holds strong!

4 shoots in the last 2 days, and – although it was sometimes a bit too close for comfort – the weather broke each time to allow all shoots to go ahead… albeit a little later for 2 of them. The weather has been very unpredictable lately… yesterday was absolutely beautiful for most of the day, and then, quite literally within 2 or 3 minutes, the trees started swaying, and the mountain above Santiburi Golf Course became covered in dark ominous clouds. The wind picked up even more (flattening some of the sugar cane we have growing in the garden) and then the heavens opened… full-on tropical storm, complete with thunder and lightening! We were getting the shells and remotes ready for the evening’s shoots, and had to quickly move everything to the workshop at the back of the house. We all exchanged looks of doubt, wondering if this was going to be our first ever ‘double cancellation’! Not long afterwards we got a call from one of the resort managers … “Doesn’t look good for the shoot tonight” says he … ‘No problem’ says La-on … ‘… we will continue as normal, and see what happens’. Although he sounded a bit dubious, he (and his guests) had nothing to loose with us turning up, so he agreed. And very glad he was that he did too! lol About 10 minutes before shoot time the wind dropped and the rain stopped! Although a little later than planned, both the shoots went ahead, and the guests were even more delighted, as they had convinced themselves that the fireworks would be a non-starter! Brilliant! smile emoticon Tomorrow we have a shoot at the illustrious Four Seasons … fingers crossed that the weather stays as friendly and accommodating as it has been for us! Apart from the Four Seasons shoot tomorrow, we have 3 more bookings for this week (WHAT? Only 3?! lol). We are taking full advantage of this relative ‘lull’ and getting some much needed pruning, planting, and weeding done in the garden (not one of La-on’s favourite activities … she loves buying trees and plants, but leaves all the taking-care to me! he he). I have been a bit ill lately (old age doncha know lol) so I have had the perfect opportunity to boss La-on, Dtang, and Dtong (our daughters) around on their garden duties … great fun (for me at least!).
I had a call from a reasonably well-known resort in Samui the other day … they thought I was the ‘other’ firework supplier … I quickly pointed out that we were nothing to do with that person, but would they like me to send some details of our services? She said ‘not at the moment… they will use this ‘other’ person for now, but maybe ‘give us a chance some time in the future’ … ‘No problem’ says I, but I can not for the life of me understand why a respectable quality resort would want to use a firework supplier who has had his shop closed down by police (no license), set fire to 2 villas (that I am aware of), and been involved with numerous other ‘incidents’ … including the burning down of a wedding tent, setting fire to trees, damaging resort property, covering a wedding banquet in firework debris, and actually (unbelievably) ‘accidentally’ shooting a mortar into a villa! (… and the list goes on!). Surely there can’t be that many resorts still left on Samui that don’t know about this person’s ‘antics’? It isn’t a big island after all! Unreal! Hey ho … ‘… you pays yer money and makes yer choice’ as someone once said … ‘Life’s a funny old game isn’t it?’ ( as someone else once said lol).

Make your Wedding day even more special with a Firework Display!

Faraway Weddings was one of our very first clients, just over 8 years ago, and we are proud to have been their exclusive firework partners since ‘Day 1’ … providing firework displays, lance-work set-pieces, and waterfall set-pieces for – quite literally – hundreds of weddings organised by them during our time together.

Faraway Weddings have produced some magical promo videos over the years, many of which have featured clips from firework displays provided by The Firework Shop… The video below is their current promo video extolling the virtues of having your very own ‘tailor-made’ firework display to celebrate your very special occasion..


Why use The Firework Shop? Here's why …

Just been made aware of yet another ‘incident’ involving a certain other firework supplier on Samui… happened some time ago (yet another case of setting fire to a villa!) . Obviously the villas/resorts involved don’t want the negative publicity to reflect badly on them (perfectly understandable seeing as how they are in no way to blame), and of course the self-proclaimed ‘firework expert’ obviously isn’t going to tell anyone that he is responsible for setting fire to/damaging yet another building, and so he gets away with it… again… and again… and he is still putting people and property at risk! Unreal! He should stick to running his massage parlours! Sheeeesh!

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