Just had a lovely email from the GM at Silavadee. The wind on NYE at Silavadee was onshore, and we felt that it was strong enough to be a potential risk for 2 of fan-shaped 250 shot cakes that were part of the display package… so we decided not to use them (they were a relatively small part of the overal package, so not a huge loss… compared to the potential risk they presented). We sent an ammended invoice to Silavadee taking into account the fact that the 2 cakes were not used, and shortly afterwards received a lovely email from the G.M. – part of which is reproduced below;

Thank you kindly for your email. The fireworks were a great success and the timing was perfect … Although the discount was not necessary it is very much appreciated and shows testament as to why Silavadee choose to work with you continually due to your honesty and ease of cooperation.

What a great commendation to get from a world award winning resort! (Puffs chest out with pride lol).
We may not be perfect, but that will never stop us from trying to be so.

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