What a great week it’s been for all of The Firework Shop’s 3 shooting teams! They have been kept busy this week, with a total of 6 shoots… and it’s not finished yet, as we have 3 more bookings over the next 3 days before a ’rest’ of 2 days! Tonight’s shoot was spectacular, with ’Blue Team’ excelling themselves, putting on a fantastic show for a wedding party. It makes me proud to see them work so well as a team… very professional, checking each other’s work, and putting safety first. ’Nu’ – Blue Team leader, had planned the show beautifully, mixing multi-shot repeaters with contrasting mortars of various sizes – ranging from 3 inch diameter up to 10 inch diameter. The clients were so pleased that they gave 5,000 baht as a tip to the shooting team (5 in the team, so a nice 1,000 extra – on top of their wage!)… needless to say they were delighted! This is the biggest tip ever given to any of our teams… very generous indeed.
I am really happy with our black mortar tubes – made to our higher specs, and much safer than most of the generally available orange fibre tubes. I have some photos of a couple of orange tubes which were demolished during a shoot done by a friend… very scary! Of course, I am sure that not all suppliers of orange tubes ’skimp’ on quality, but it goes to show that it is worth checking the quality of fibre tubes before buying them, and not just going for the cheaper option, in an effort to ’cut down overheads’. The Firework Shop has not – and never will – compromise the safety of our clients or staff… which is why we are the best on Koh Samui of course! :)

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