Well… where to start? The 3 shoots we had booked on the night of August 8th went well … lots of guests ‘a whoopin’ an’a hollerin’ in all 3 venues (Love to hear the guests enjoying their fireworks)… although the following night we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather gods and had to cancel the Faraway wedding shoot 🙁 The weather was simply too unpredictable, with the wind gusting and changing direction at the drop of a hat.

We work at the closest edge of the safety area sometimes, and that makes an unpredictable wind (or one blowing in the wrong direction) simply too much of a risk.

Fortunately – although disappointed – everyone understood completely, and the staff at Faraway were very supportive … trusting our judgement completely… it simply isn’t worth taking risks with fireworks … there is no room for the ‘I THINK it will be ok’ mentality … if we aren’t 100% sure then we don’t shoot … period! 

It doesn’t happen too often (fortunately) but it is always disappointing when a display has to be cancelled… I am sure the bride and groom and their guests still had a wonderful night and enjoyed celebrating their very special day.

Last night’s 2 shoots went off as planned, with very happy guests at both venues. Tonight’s 2 shoots are just about to happen… in fact I can hear that one has already started (not too far from where we live)… 🙂 🙂 🙂 this particular shoot is up on the mountain, and – due to the position and weather – is an ‘all mortar’ shoot… it won’t last long (just stopped actually lol … just heard the finale of 5 and 6 inch diameter mortars ‘strutting their stuff’ … shame I can’t see them though) … a sort of ‘short but (very) sweet’ shoot!

We have 10 shoots booked over the next 6 days, so tomorrow will see me getting all the shooting systems together for another thorough check out, and – if La-on has done her bit – timing the sequencers to suit the shoot they are linked to.

Update… Just had the call in from both shoots … all ok… guests happy … no pre-ignitions, no system failures, and no fingers lost! We can ask for no more!

Photo: Courtesy of Siuming Photo, Thanks!

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