It really does mean a lot to the teams when we get positive feedback from clients and customers praising their efforts and thanking them for their professionalism. So when I told the team that were working at The Banyan Tree last night that I had received a lovely email from the client, Mr. Murti, they were delighted! Even more so as La-on translated Mr. Murti’s words into Thai for them, so that they could really appreciate just how happy Mr. Murti was with their work and behaviour!

I have copied Mr. Murti’s comments below….

Alan and La-on,

Thank you so much for the beautiful and successful execution of the fireworks and the additional packages smile emoticon it was breathtaking, beautiful and brought tears to Nikita’s eyes. Your team was very professional and courteous.

I will definitely be requesting your services again and will be recommending you highly. I would love to leave you a review – where would you prefer me to do so?

Thanks a lot again guys!! You made our special night even more special


Isn’t that a smashing email to get!?

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