4 shoots in the last 2 days, and – although it was sometimes a bit too close for comfort – the weather broke each time to allow all shoots to go ahead… albeit a little later for 2 of them. The weather has been very unpredictable lately… yesterday was absolutely beautiful for most of the day, and then, quite literally within 2 or 3 minutes, the trees started swaying, and the mountain above Santiburi Golf Course became covered in dark ominous clouds. The wind picked up even more (flattening some of the sugar cane we have growing in the garden) and then the heavens opened… full-on tropical storm, complete with thunder and lightening! We were getting the shells and remotes ready for the evening’s shoots, and had to quickly move everything to the workshop at the back of the house. We all exchanged looks of doubt, wondering if this was going to be our first ever ‘double cancellation’! Not long afterwards we got a call from one of the resort managers … “Doesn’t look good for the shoot tonight” says he … ‘No problem’ says La-on … ‘… we will continue as normal, and see what happens’. Although he sounded a bit dubious, he (and his guests) had nothing to loose with us turning up, so he agreed. And very glad he was that he did too! lol About 10 minutes before shoot time the wind dropped and the rain stopped! Although a little later than planned, both the shoots went ahead, and the guests were even more delighted, as they had convinced themselves that the fireworks would be a non-starter! Brilliant! smile emoticon Tomorrow we have a shoot at the illustrious Four Seasons … fingers crossed that the weather stays as friendly and accommodating as it has been for us! Apart from the Four Seasons shoot tomorrow, we have 3 more bookings for this week (WHAT? Only 3?! lol). We are taking full advantage of this relative ‘lull’ and getting some much needed pruning, planting, and weeding done in the garden (not one of La-on’s favourite activities … she loves buying trees and plants, but leaves all the taking-care to me! he he). I have been a bit ill lately (old age doncha know lol) so I have had the perfect opportunity to boss La-on, Dtang, and Dtong (our daughters) around on their garden duties … great fun (for me at least!).
I had a call from a reasonably well-known resort in Samui the other day … they thought I was the ‘other’ firework supplier … I quickly pointed out that we were nothing to do with that person, but would they like me to send some details of our services? She said ‘not at the moment… they will use this ‘other’ person for now, but maybe ‘give us a chance some time in the future’ … ‘No problem’ says I, but I can not for the life of me understand why a respectable quality resort would want to use a firework supplier who has had his shop closed down by police (no license), set fire to 2 villas (that I am aware of), and been involved with numerous other ‘incidents’ … including the burning down of a wedding tent, setting fire to trees, damaging resort property, covering a wedding banquet in firework debris, and actually (unbelievably) ‘accidentally’ shooting a mortar into a villa! (… and the list goes on!). Surely there can’t be that many resorts still left on Samui that don’t know about this person’s ‘antics’? It isn’t a big island after all! Unreal! Hey ho … ‘… you pays yer money and makes yer choice’ as someone once said … ‘Life’s a funny old game isn’t it?’ ( as someone else once said lol).

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