At 5pm we get a panic call…. ‘… client wants fireworks at 7pm… can you…? ‘ Of course we can… says La-on, and 10 minutes later has a team pulled together with instructions to meet at the shop to prepare the fireworks… meanwhile I get a remote system checked out and ready. Fireworks sorted and loaded on the truck… stop off at our house to pick up the remote firing system, and then on to the venue. At 6 pm the team was on-site and had started setting up the shoot. Everything was ready to go at 6:45pm! Now THAT is why we are proud of our guys… real teamwork! But it wasn’t finished lol … the shoot went perfectly, and – afterwards – the client overheard someone talking about lance-work shapes and letters… ‘What do you have?’ asks an excited client… well… we have a nice double inter-locking heart with…. ‘YES!’ … says the client…. ‘I want it… can I have it in 30 minutes?’ Yes… says La-on … grabs our 2 daughters (who were there to watch the fireworks) to help her sort out the lance-work… and her brother Nu (to drive the truck), and drives to the shop – leaving the other guys to clear-up the beach after the shoot. 30 minutes later the pick up arrives on site with the lance-work set-piece all ready, and 10 minutes later it is set-up and ready for the client to light! The client was absolutely delighted! Well done La-on … Actually a fun, fun night… and it is great to see the smiles of the client when it all kicks off! ha ha Excellent night!


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