Busy night the other night… all the teams were out, and we had one particularly special shoot … the first anniversary celebrations of Panacea Retreat, here on the island. Panacea has views across Samui to die for, and is very luxurious.

We shot for the opening celebrations of Panacea exactly 1 year ago, and I was amazed at the panoramic views. We have been asked to provide firework displays a few times since they first opened, but it was great to be able to be a part of their first anniversary celebrations.

The feedback from Yulia at Panacea was terrific… she had some fantastic comments from the V.I.P.’s at the party, which – as the organiser of the event – made her happy… well… if she was happy, then WE are happy lol. AND… we were honoured (lol) to have La-on as the main shooter at Panacea!!! It isn’t often she gets the chance to show the rest of the guys how it should be done! lol

Great shoot La-on… the 3 main shoot leaders were suitably impressed


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