20 January ยท
Whew!!! We are now well on our way to a record month this month… the busiest we have had since we first opened 8 years ago… fantastic!

The 17th was a busy busy day & night! I suppose that – in reality – with that many shoots going on (we actually ended-up with 7 shoots!), it was inevitable that something would go wrong… and it did! We had a problem with one of the shoots… turned out to be a bad batch of igniters… we are going to ditch the remaining 4,000 or so igniters we bought from that particular source… it just isn’t worth the worry! They test out ok, both with the meter and in situ… but far too many actually fail when it comes to the shoot… and that just isn’t acceptable. The guys did a sterling job in trying to rescue the shoot, so the guests still got their fireworks, but that isn’t good enough for us… neither La-on or I can settle on ‘mediocrity’ … ‘pretty damn good’ is the least we will go for! Still… considering the risk that all pyros take each time they set up and shoot a firework display, I am proud that the guys on that shoot were confident enough to shoot the majority of the display by hand… I know they would never put themselves (or anyone else!) in any danger, and although shooting by hand is not ideal, they were determined to still give the guests a firework display. Thank you P’Dtuan and the rest of the team!! The other shoots went well – as they should (using igniters from another source, so no problems), and it was great to meet up with everyone afterwards and go to a local Noodle Shop for the ‘de-brief’ lol… as usual… everyone had stories to tell, and although 1 of the shoots had that problem, it was only during the de-brief that we all fully realised the igniter problem was not a one off thing, and that the whole batch just wasn’t worth the risk… I almost spluttered out my noodle soup when one of the guys suggested we offer to sell the igniters to a certain Mr. Taylor (another firework supplier on the island)… I asked him why we should do that, and his reply was ‘… well… if they don’t work, then he can’t set fire to any more villas can he?… so we will be doing him a favour!’ lol
Both of tonight’s shoots went very well, with guests at both venues really enjoying their fireworks. It was great to work with the lovely Natalie again (luxuryweddingsamui) at The Island View (video going up soon), and also at the amazing ‘W’ Resort, where we shoot from a little sand spit that juts out into the sea… it gives a great view of the fireworks to the guests. All in all, a great night… SO… time for a nice (very) chilled glass of South African white wine, and then off to bed!

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