A record month for ‘The Firework Shop’ !

What a great start to the New Year… January has been our most successful month ever, ending up with 29 shoots (including tonight’s at the Conrad), and NOT including the New Year’s Eve shoots!

La-on has been amazing with her management of both staff and stock, as well as the logistics involved with multiple shoots on the same night… I am very proud of her and impressed with the skills she has shown lately… what a wonderful woman!

The 17th was the busiest night of the month, with 7 shoots around the island, involving 4 trucks and close to 30 staff… however, there were also numerous nights with 2 and 3 shoots in different venues.

We have increased our stock of remote firing systems… and have decided to stick with the wireless systems since we discovered that the problems we have been having are actually nothing to do with the systems, but were due to a faulty batch of igniters. We have since disposed of almost 4,000 of those igniters and are now using high quality igniters which are incredibly reliable… a bit more expensive, but the ‘peace of mind’ that comes with them is well worth it! There is nothing worse than pressing buttons on a firing system remote control and nothing happens! The new igniters have ensured that everything goes the way it should, and pressing those buttons has brought smiles back to the shooters instead of worrying about ‘will it – won’t it’! Great stuff!

Huge thanks are due to everyone on the shoot teams… they have all done a fantastic job – sometimes in difficult circumstances – but it is their commitment to their work that has seen us through… we couldn’t have done it without them!

Also special thanks to the team leaders… Nu, Baahn, Dtooung, Suk … for their sterling work and making sure that – even during the busiest, most hectic times – the levels of safety were never lowered or compromised… a crucially important factor in our business… if not the biggest factor!

Thank you all… you are amazing, and I am proud to have you all in our ‘firework family’!

Let us keep to our promise of ‘Safety – Quality – Service’ and make this year the best year ever… BRING IT ON!!!

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