Not long to go now until the firework highlight of each and every year! New Year’s Eve is our busiest time, and preparations for it have been underway for a couple of weeks already!

We have 13 of the top resorts on Koh Samui using our services this year, and we are looking forward to belting out some amazing firework displays for our clients on New Year’s Eve.

Most folks don’t really understand just how much work goes into preparing a firework display… even the relatively small ones (‘small’ compared to the likes of the London, New York and other massive New Year firework spectaculars that take place at midnight around the world!)or the time it takes to plan everything.

From choosing the individual fireworks that will go into making up an exciting and dramatic display, then deciding the order in which they are to be fired, and then (one of the most crucial parts) the actual timing of each and every firework… timed to within split seconds so that the spacing between each firework gives a non-stop, action-packed and exciting result.

Then of course each firework has to be prepared and labelled with its number that shows its place in the order of things.

Then there is getting the fireworks loaded up for delivery… taken to the shoot-site… unloaded and carried to the actual set-up site where they are put in place and then checked again (to make sure all is ok), before preparing them for the shoot by inserting igniters and wiring them up to the remote firing systems.

All of this work for a 4 or 5 minute show!

And it doesn’t stop there!

Of course… after the display everything has to dismantled and loaded up for the return journey to the shop!

Are we complaining? NOPE! It is the most exciting and thrilling part of our year… a time when we can help hundreds (or thousands) of spectators to enjoy celebrating the New Year at midnight… a fantastic thrill for us to play such an important role… after all… what would New Year’s Eve be without fireworks at midnight!?

We wish all our followers, clients, and individual customers the merriest of Christmases, and the a New Year full of love, peace, happiness, and good health… oh… and a lottery win if at all possible!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from La-on and I, and all the staff at The Firework Shop…


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