Last night was great fun! Marcel was having a birthday party with a few friends, and had bought some fireworks for the occassion. Initially Marcel and his friends were going to shoot the fireworks themselves, but jumped at our offer to shoot them for him – free of charge – so that he could relax and enjoy his own firework show, and also to ensure that everything was done safely.

After setting the fireworks up on spare land close to Marcel’s villa, I asked him if he would like to shoot the show himself, using one of our wireless remote firing systems… big grins all round!! I do believe we have a closet pyro-freak in the making here!!!

Marcel had a great time pressing the remote buttons to shoot his fireworks, and I hope it will give him yet another excellent memory of his Birthday Firework Display!


Off we go! lol

An awfull 'out of focus' photo (all my fault sadly!) of Marcel's birthday-bash friends!

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