La-on (‘Laarn’), myself, and the staff of both our firework shops would like to wish everyone – particularly our fellow ‘Pyro-nuts’! – the merriest of Christmases as well as the healthiest and happiest New Year!

Despite our best efforts to limit ourselves to only a handful of shoots this New Year’s Eve, we have ended-up with 8… not being able to turn down those who didn’t realise that they had left booking us way too late! 🙂
Putting our foot down at 8 shoots didn’t quite work either, as we are also ‘assisting’ a further 4 shoots (2 more resorts and 2 private parties) by lending them each a wireless remote firing system so that they can shoot their own fireworks (bought from us of course!) safely – and have fun pressing buttons of course! We will be setting the 4 shoots up for the customers, and getting everything ready for them so that all they have to do is switch on the remotes and get ready to start shooting at midnight!

Last week ‘Blue Team’ shot a wonderful display for the opening of a resort in Lamai… they made me really proud! (Aaaaw! lol). It was a ‘Big Do’, with some rather important guests – including a good friend of ours, the Chief of Police of Samui – so we were determined to give the owner – Boris – a really special event!
The firework display was to be set to music – Boris’ choice, which – although great for fireworks – consisted of 2 songs, each well over 5 minutes long! The actual display was going to be around 4 mins 30 secs in total, so I had to cut down the music to suit (I use a great free software programme called Audacity). It took quite a few hours of playing around and cutting the music, but I eventually managed to get in down to a total of 4 mins 30 secs. Now all we had to do was choreograph the fireworks!

I must admit that I do like choreographing firework shows… it brings out my artistic side lol… !!!
We also made Boris a very special Lancework set-piece, consisting of a damn-near perfect representation of the resort’s logo and name… it looked great!

BUT… I am a firm believer that ‘self-praise is no recommendation’, and therefore I am never really relaxed or happy until after the firework display, when we can judge the success of our hard work and efforts by the reactions of both our client and his opening ceremony guests. We may believe we are wonderful at what we do, but if our client isn’t 100% delighted with our efforts, then we have – I believe – failed them.

Fortunately that has never been the case – we have no place for arrogance or self-importance – as we always put the needs of our customers first.

Thankfully, Boris was more than delighted with the choreographed firework display, telling us that his guests all agreed that the show ‘was fantastic’! Ok… NOW I’m happy!

The sequencers performed very well during the show, and showed their worth during a particularly frenetic bit of the music, which would have been difficult (impossible) to keep up with (fireworks-wise) by manually pressing buttons! Great bit of kit those sequencers, and we may well be investing in a few more over the coming months.

I will try and get some video of our New Year’s machinations up on the site, but, untill then, keep smiling, and enjoy the pyromaniacs main night of the year… New Year’s Eve…. YEEEEE-HAAAAA!!!

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