It was sad that we didn’t have more time with Christian and Melanie, particularly as we are so busy that it would have been great fun to work along-side them in choreographing/planning some of the numerous shoots we have this month. Maybe next time eh? 🙂

Last night we had all 3 teams out at shoots, and it was a fantastic night for numerous reasons… not least of all because all of the shoots went perfectly, with all 3 clients more than happy with our high levels of service.

I chose to go to the smallest shoot we had last night, as I had been in contact with Jeffrey (the client) for some time, helping to plan what was going to be a very special evening for him and his girlfriend, and I wanted to make sure that everything went perfect for them. Jeffrey and his girlfriend had come to Samui for a short break, and Jeffrey had planned a surprise romantic dinner on the beach at the Silavadee resort, where he planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

We had planned a Lancework banner saying ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ with a lancework Bear on each side of the banner (the bears meant something special to Jeffrey and his girlfriend).

We sneaked-in prior to the couple coming down to the beach, and set-up the lancework in secret, and then, at the given signal, we set off a small ‘attention-grabber’ 49 shot cake… and – when that finished – lit up the lancework!!! How could any girl refuse such a wonderful, romantic gesture?

The answer was – of course – YES! (Congratulations to you both from all of us at The Firework Shop!).

The Silavadee is a beautiful resort in Lamai, with a romantic beach setting, and provides a genuine 5 star service to its guests from some of the best trained staff on the island. Highly recommended.

The other 2 shoots were over on the south of the island, both wedding party shoots. The shoot at Nikki Beach was particularly impressive, and Blue Team out-shone themselves with the firework display they gave the very special guests, who were delighted with non-stop explosive action!

After the shoot there the staff began to clear-up the spent firework debris (lots of bits of paper and 100s of small round cardboard ‘plugs’), and were surprised to hear from a member of staff that ‘the other person who shoots (fireworks)’ simply piles all the rubbish next to the bins and leaves it for others to clear up. Our staff explained that we always leave a shoot-site ‘as we found it’ (sometimes cleaner!), and would never leave our rubbish for others to clear up!

This gives an indication of the high levels of service we provide our clients, as well as showing that – unlike others – we ‘walk the ‘walk’, and that you really can believe that ‘we do what we say we do’ on our website. After all… our strap line is … ‘Safety – Quality – Service’!

So… all in all, a very succesful night for all of us, with three couples who are now aware that The Firework Shop goes the extra mile to ensure that the promise of ‘Safety – Quality – Service’ is fullfilled to the utmost.

It is an honour to play a part in such an important day in the lives of people.

What a beautiful couple! Jeffrey and his girlfriend (future wife!), with 'yours truly' in the middle! Two lovely people, and we all at The Firework Shop wish them the very best of everything, and look forward to shooting for their wedding when they come back to Samui!

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