There is a firework ‘supplier’ on Koh Samui that is using very similar website and Facebook names to ourselves… obviously in an effort to take advantage of our reputation whilst also creating confusion about ‘who is who’.

Not only has this person previously copied large chunks of our original website onto his own website, but actually goes as far  as to give the impression on his website’s home page that he has ‘taken over’ (our own website).

Robert Taylor‘s shop (he is also known as Ralph Taylor and Simon Sneddle) was actually raided and closed down by SuratThani police some time ago, after they discovered he was selling and shooting fireworks illegally and had never had a license (see the National TV coverage of the police raid on our YouTube Channel by clicking HERE), however, despite being directly responsible for numerous firework ‘incidents’, he continues to sell and shoot firework displays on Koh Samui and other venues.

Koh Samui has had numerous firework incidents recently … a few examples include the setting fire to at least 2 Villas, setting fire to trees and shrubbery, burning down a wedding tent, covering wedding guests in firework debris, covering a wedding banquet in firework debris, damaging hotel/resort property, and ‘accidentally’ (!) shooting a firework directly into a villa. There are more!

We would like to categorically state that ‘The Firework Shop‘ does not – and never has had – any links with, or anything to do with, Robert Taylor, or indeed his firework business, in any way whatsoever… either on a personal or professional level, and that NONE of these incidents mentioned above involved ‘The Firework Shop’ or indeed any of The Firework Shop‘s staff or products!

‘The Firework Shop’ values safety above all else, and we are proud of our safety record. We would never contemplate putting either people or property in any danger at any time. ‘The Firework Shop‘ would also never place profit over the safety of people or property. If a shoot-site is not 100% safe to use for a firework display, then we simply will not shoot!

Our membership to the illustrious Pyrotechnics Guild International (P.G.I.) is our guarantee that we not only value our professionalism, but that – more importantly – we place safety above all else. As far as we are aware ‘The Firework Shop‘ are the only firework suppliers in Thailand that are Full Members of the P.G.I.

‘The Firework Shop’ are the only Fully Licensed Professional Pyrotechnics suppliers on Koh Samui, and are exclusively used by almost every single wedding planner on Koh Samui (on average we shoot for 12 – 15 weddings on Koh Samui each and every month), as well as the most prestigious resorts and hotels on the island (Four Seasons, Conrad, ‘W’ Resort, Anantara, Silavadee, Panacea, Fairhouse etc etc), and many of Koh Samui’s luxury Villas.

Do not be misled by some of the claims on Robert Taylor’s website and Facebook pages… the names may be very similar, but if it doesn’t say ‘The Firework Shop‘, then it is simply not us!

Why take risks when you can have the safest, most exciting, most dramatic, and best value fireworks and firework displays from Koh Samui’s professional pyro-technicians?

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For the most professional and safest pyrotechnics service on Koh Samui, you need look no further than ‘The Firework Shop‘…

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