A somewhat belated Happy New Year to all our clients and friends… all of us here at The Firework wish you all that you would wish for yourselves, and trust your New Year will be filled with happiness, love, good health, and peace.

Bliss 19-02-15

Photo courtesy of Bliss & Eak Samui.

We are all just about recovering from all of the work on New Year’s Eve… 13 deliveries around the island… by the time the shoots had all finished, and the equipment etc collected and returned to the shop (we ended up with 6 pick up trucks whizzing around the island… most needing to do multiple pick ups) it was close to 6 am and dawn was already breaking. The staff were amazing… many of them returning in the early afternoon of the 1st Jan. to finish up sorting and cleaning the hundreds of fibre mortar tubes we had used. The spent firework cake boxes were all checked for any shells that hadn’t lifted, before being prepared for pick up by the recyclers. All of the remote systems worked exactly as they should have, ensuring that at every venues, when the countdown hit ‘Zero’… they got the fireworks they were looking forward to… yay.

We have promised ourselves to concentrate on only a few shoots for next New Year’s Eve… but we did the same last year… and STILL ended up with 13 venues!!! Oh well… time will tell.

The shop effectively sold out on the days leading up to NYE, with the 31st (when we closed at 3pm so that we could concentrate on the shoots we had) bringing in well over 100,000 baht… made up of a mix from kids spending their pocket money on sparklers and small fun stuff, up to resorts buying the big professional display cakes… always a good choice as they are a ‘light one time and sit back’ firework and relatively safe due to their shape and size (although we still made sure they knew exactly what to do with their purchase to make things as safe as possible!).

We thought we might be able to have a couple of days holiday after NYE, however that was not to be lol … we have already had 5 shoots… 2 on the 1st of jan… 1 on the 2nd… 2 on the 3rd… so it is straight back to work with us and the teams at The Firework Shop, with another 13 bookings already confirmed for the rest of this month!

La-on and I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my good friend Conor (G.M. at the Award-winning Silavadee Pool Resort and Spa) all the very best of luck for his new move to Phuket, and also to Luke (Le Meridien) for his move ‘onward and upward’ to another resort on the island. Thank you both for your support, and very best wishes in your new posts!

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