The Italian Martarello family are a 3 generation fireworks family, so I reckon they know a thing or two about fireworks lol … and the current generation of 4 brothers are all still heavily involved in the fireworks industry. So… it was something of a real privilege to have Alfred Martarello come to Samui specifically to visit us here at The Firework Shop!

Alfred came with our good friend and patron, P’Chet, and – although it was a little late when they arrived on the island – the 4 of us (Alfred, P’Chet, La-on and myself) went out for a bite to eat and a couple of beers… and talked ‘fireworks’ non-stop!

Alfred and P’Chet work very closely together to bring top quality Italian/Chinese fireworks into Thailand (Alfred has his own factory in China, which he personally supervises to ensure a 100% quality end-product), and we consider ourselves fortunate to be involved with them. Over the last year or so The Firework Shop has been moving towards the Martarello/P’Chet partnership being almost exclusive suppliers of the fireworks we use and sell. Sometimes having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ really is the way to go! … especially when the quality of the product is so high! There are few that can beat the stunning effects and colours of the fireworks from the Martarello factory… and of course… that means better displays… more exciting, more dramatic, and more colourful.

Nobody else on Samui can offer the same as The Firework Shop, as Alfred and P’Chet will only sell their products to service providers that reflect their commitment to safety and quality… particularly safety (as Alfred has learned from personal experience… nearly being killed in a firework accident!), therefore The Firework Shop are the only pyro-providers on Koh Samui that can offer the ‘Martarello Experience’!

After his accident, Alfred decided to take matters into his own hands (quite literally) and decided to make his own products and follow family tradition… with his emphasis being on total quality and safe products! Considering the number of firework displays The Firework Shop do every month, safety HAS to be number one to us… which is why – in this particular case – we are more than happy to put all our eggs into that one… very safe… basket!

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