All 3 shoots went well last night… although we did have a problem with one of the 100 shot cakes on one of the shoots, which shot around 25% of its load, and then just stopped! Baahn then ignited the second ‘back-up’ fuse, but only another 10 or so shots were fired before the cake stopped again! Obviously a problem with the internal fusing, and nothing we can do about, so Baahn went on to shoot the rest of the display, which went perfectly.

The client and their guests were delighted with the show, and were a little bit taken aback and very pleasantly surprised when the organiser passed on to them a partial refund of the cost of the fireworks we had given back due to the fact that not all of the 100 shot cake had gone off. We have always tried to be honest about our business, and feel very strongly that we should be ‘transparent’ (to use the modern vernacular lol). Problems like this (the cake not performing as it should) are relatively rare fortunately, but we have no problem in returning the cost of any firework that didn’t do its job!

Could we have ‘got away with not mentioning it?’… well… yes, I think we could have, but this kind of situation gives us an opportunity to display our honesty, and not take advantage of the fact that clients trust us to provide exactly what they have paid for… something we are very proud of!

Anyway… a good night, with some great fireworks that hopefully gave all that saw them even more brilliant memories of their time on our little island 🙂


Tonight is just as busy… 3 bookings, with 2 of them from Samui’s local government, who want firework displays to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and know that we are not just the only fully-licensed firework business on the island, but that they can trust us to deliver the best possible firework displays for their special events.
Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends! 🙂

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