Strange day yesterday! We had two meetings with prospective clients in the shop, and both turned out to be absolute firework nuts, so – instead of taking 15/20 minutes, both turned out to be 2 hour long ‘chats’! It is great to meet fellow pyro-nuts… those that really do know what they are talking about… but it is a fairly rare occurrence, however, yesterday was ‘pyro-heaven’ for me… bloody great! lol. The first meeting was with a guy who is opening a new hotel/resort on the island, right on the beach, and he wanted fireworks as part of the opening ceremony later this month. He knew exactly what he wanted, and, for a change, this was a guy who’s expectations were not only realistic, but possible! 🙂 The shoot will include a beautiful Lancework set-piece (nobody else on Samui can offer Lancework, which made us the first choice), which will be followed by a choreographed 2.5 minute firework display, set to a piece of music which is just perfect for fireworks!
It is great to choreograph shows like this, and the fully programmable sequencers that we have make it possible to time individual cues down to a tenth of a second! We also came up with loads of other ideas that will go towards making the opening of this hotel/resort something really special! I will, of course, post the video and more details of the shoot after the event.
The second meeting was for an Aussie guy and his Thai girlfriend, who are getting married soon. I have never met a guy so enthusiastic about life in general, and his enthusiasm was infectious! 🙂 After only 10 minutes or so we were chatting away like two old friends… as though we had known each other for years! He was not just a ‘character’, but a clever, adept, and intelligent guy who was ‘driven’.. but managed to balance his life with a morality that made him want to help others and share his good fortune. An amazing guy who I am sure will be cropping up in my posts again in the future (things in the pipeline and all that lol).
After an hour or so we both realised that we had chatted about everything EXCEPT his wedding! Great stuff! 🙂
In the end he simply told us that he ‘knew that we knew what we were talking about’ and so trusted us implicitly. Essentially we had as big a budget as we needed to put on a firework display that would last 5 minutes! Here was a guy who had visited every shop that sold fireworks, but decided that only The Firework Shop could deliver… and, coming from someone as knowledgeable as him, this is a complement indeed!

Still buzzing after the meetings, I came home to be welcomed by our three pooches and my various assortment of birds… all screaming for food (it was past their normal feeding time), and then my good friend Bom turned-up to tell me about the full eclipse of the moon later that night. So – after feeding the animals – Bom and I settled down with a few Gin and Tonics to wait for the eclipse to start. Boy was it worth the wait!
As the moon was around half-eclipsed (is that a word?) there were firecrackers (and a few guns) going off all around us… people ‘shooting at the moon’ for good luck! Truly amazing Thailand! lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

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