Half-way through a very busy day, and having a break for a coffee and munch.

FIVE (yes, 5!) shoots booked for tonight, but (fortunately) 2 of the shoots are not only fairly close to 2 others, but they are late enough for 2 of the teams to finish up at their earlier shoots and move to their second shoot venues with enough time to set-up safely (Phew!). So – as per normal – my job is to get all the remote firing systems ready, and to programme the sequencers that will be used tonight. We have a selection of sequencers, which include 6, 10, 12, 24, and 40 cue systems. They can either be used as stand-alone systems (for example, the 6 and 10 cue sequencers are normally wired up separately so that guests can shoot the opening few mortars of their own display… very popular!), but all can be also used as extensions to either the main firing system (Mains powered or WiFi) by being wired up to one of the main system cues. It gives a lot of flexibility… particularly as most of the sequencers can also be used as stand alone ‘step-by-step’ systems. Tonight one of the bigger shoots will have both a 12 and 24 cue sequencer wired up to the main system, to shoot a barrage of mortars ‘automatically’. La-on is in the shop finalising the selection of shells and cakes for tonight’s shoots (after us both sitting up till the ‘wee hours’ last night planning who goes where, and what shells and cakes to use. We also have a couple of lance-work set-pieces going on tonight, so they will be put together in the shop to save a bit of time later (obviously without igniters in place! lol). Another couple of hours and I will be finished with the systems and go and help La-on and the others in the shop organising and numbering up the shells and cakes. Wooo Hooo! 🙂


Below are pictures of some of the firing systems and sequencers we will be using for tonight’s shoots … they include a couple of mains – powered systems, a couple of WiFi systems, and a mix of 6 cue, 10 cue, 12 cue, 24 cue, and 40 cue sequencers … most of them being programmable units. The smaller 6 cue and 10 cue sequencers are wired up as ‘stand alone’ mini-systems so that the guests can actually ‘press the button’ to shoot the first few opening mortars of their very own firework display! This is a very popular option, and is almost always asked for! 🙂

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