Why choose The Firework Shop?

‘The Firework Shop’ was not only the first fully-dedicated professional firework shop on Koh Samui (almost 11 years ago), but remains to this day the only fully-dedicated professional firework shop on the island. Unlike other firework suppliers on Samui, fireworks are not simply another product we sell to pay the rent… we are professional pyro-technicians and we are totally committed to our work… and our only interest is fireworks.

‘The Firework Shop’ has three fully-trained and experienced, professional shooting teams, and many of our staff have been with us since we first opened, and – like us – they live and breathe pyrotechnics! We are the only firework supplier on the island with dedicated and trained shooting teams that will set up and shoot your firework displays for you free of charge – you only pay for the fireworks!

As the premier provider for all of the island’s most professional wedding planners and agents, our new packages are proving very popular – particularly for budgets between the 10,000 to 60,000 baht range, and the lance-work set-pieces are not only a popular and wonderfully romantic addition to any of our firework packages, but also provide a fantastic back-drop for photo-opportunities.
It is worth noting that our lance-work set-pieces are in great demand as additions to our firework packages… particularly for weddings. Almost every wedding we shoot now includes the lovely waterfall effect set-piece at least!

Have a look at the pictures on the gallery page for examples of the kind of lance-work set-pieces we can do.

Our commitment to the safety of both people and property has led us to use only the most professional remote firing systems (we have numerous systems available, both ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Mains’ powered)… as well as having our own fibre firing tubes tailor-made to the highest safety specs by a fibre specialist… and, naturally, we supply only the best quality Japanese, Chinese, and Thai firework products.

‘The Firework Shop’ will never let you down… whether your shoot is 10,000 baht or 1,000,000 baht, our commitment to you will be the same… 100%… meaning that you can rely on our shooting team to be ‘on-site’ in plenty of time to set-up and shoot when you need them to.

‘Short Notice’
Having 3 dedicated shooting teams means that there is a good chance we will be able to put a team together at very short notice (traveling distance plus 45-60 minutes!).

The Firework Shop are proud to be Full Members of the P.G.I.
‘The Firework Shop’ is a full member of the prestigious P.G.I. (Pyrotechnics Guild International), and, as such, we are fully committed to providing the safest and most professional service possible. As far as we are aware, The Firework Shop are the only firework suppliers in Thailand that have P.G.I. membership!

• Full professional-level remote control firing systems are used by our pyrotechnics teams. We even have a small hand-held remote control – similar to a TV remote – so that the client can fire the first barrage of their firework display – or their lance-work – themselves! 100% safe, and can be used up to 100 metres away (discreetly supervised by a member of the pyrotechnics team).
Our fully-trained and highly experienced, professional pyrotechnics teams ensure that you get the quality of service and the high levels of safety that are necessary when shooting pyrotechnics displays.
Custom-built fibre firing tubes made to our own ‘higher-than-normal’ safety specs by a fibre expert here in Thailand… they are NOT the cheaper Chinese ‘export quality’ tubes!
A professional and flexible approach to our work means that we fit in to suit you and your needs… if we have to wait because things are running late, then so be it. The team which will set-up and shoot for you (free of charge) is yours for the duration! (But please remember that there is an island-wide fireworks curfew of 2130hrs! This can sometimes – in some areas – be extended to 2200hrs with police permission… but this is not always guaranteed!).
Perfect firework displays! From planning through to shooting, you will have 100% commitment from us… our aim being to provide you with the most perfect firework display/fire show possible.
Perfect firework display design! Every action-packed firework display is tailor-made to suit your special evening, with fireworks individually selected to provide fantastic aerial effects and colours, giving you a truly unique and unforgettable ‘firework experience’.
• Whether you require a professional firework display… beautiful lance-work set-pieces… or an amazing 30 minute fire show, The Firework Shop is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for the safest, most exciting and best value firework displays and fire dancers on Koh Samui.

If you would like more information on The Firework Shop or the types of firework packages and lance-work we can provide, please do not hesitate to ask!

Note: Never forget that fireworks can be dangerous, and firework displays should only be set up and shot by experienced professionals. It simply isn’t worth the risk of leaving your safety, or the safety of your guests and property, in the hands of an amateur – no matter how good they think/say they are!

For a safer and more professional approach to fireworks, there is only one choice…

‘The Firework Shop’
Samui’s only Pyro-Professionals.



  1. Klaus


    I will fly in the Jänner or February, 2018 after Koh Samui.
    I have after fireworks shop look held. I should say you found and what – brilliantly!!
    If I make purchases from you, may I simply also shoot this then? Or do I need special approvals?
    I come from Austria and here I am by the state a checked firework-maker.
    Then of course I would also like to book a small show with you. But one can clear this then also personally.
    Please me about your answer.
    Of course I have subscribed you also to Youtube.

    best regards from Austria

    • samuifireworks

      Hi there… and thank you for your comment… and an even more special welcome to a fellow pyrotechnic lover! 🙂

      If you would like to send me your email address, then I can write to you in more detail… there are some approvals you will need (but we will help you with that).
      We look forward to hearing from you soon… don’t forget to send us your email! 🙂
      Have a fantastic day ….

  2. Fabian Klein


    I will fly to Koh Samui from the 24th July – 8thth August. I would like to make a marriage proposal in this vacation and I need a firework for this. My budget is about 13000 Baht. Can you give me please an offer for a firework in my budget.

    best regrets from Germany


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