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Just HAD to post this wonderful picture from the wedding at Koh Koon (see posts below), but - to me - this shot simply captures everything a wedding should be... the joy is so obvious... the love... the fun... the romance... and (of course) the fountains!! lol
THIS is why we LOVE what we do... what can be better than helping to make 2 lovely people's magical day just that little bit more special?

This is - without doubt - one of my favourite captured moments! ... and if you watch the video below showing their entrance you will see them dancing down the path inbetween the fountains... utterly, utterly wonderful!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
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This is just the coolest entrance for the Bride and Groom!!! 20 fountains... and I love that little jig near the end! Wonderful!! 😊😊😊

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9 Likes, 3 Comments - Kym Asquith (@blondeinthebigworld) on Instagram: “When you enter your drinks reception to the electric slide and fireworks! #kymosiwed #anotherlevel…”

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What a fantastic entrance for the bride & groom as they walk to meet their guests for dinner!
There were in fact 20 fountains (10 each side)...
Thanks to Alexa (lotusandlaceweddings) at the amazing Koh Koon Villa.
Note: (I don't have an attributation for this photo as yet, but will credit this great shot when I discover who took it!).
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May is always a relatively 'quiet' month for us... only 19 bookings ('only' haha)... so we have had a lovely, and relatively relaxing, month. It gives us the chance to really check out all the remote firing systems... as well as coming up with some new ideas for lance-work set-pieces (the 'Fountain Mountain' is almost finished... video coming soon!)... some new heart-shaped configerations... smiley face... and a lot more besides!

Although the current regulations restrict us to shooting firework displays for weddings only (no... I have no idea why either... seems nobody does! ) the lance-work set-pieces need no special permissions, and are therefore perfect in bringing more 'Wow Factor' and something special to birthday parties... anniversaries... etc... and the fact that 'the birthday boy/girl' can press the button on a small hand-held remote to actually light-up their own lance-work set-piece makes them very popular! 🙂

At the moment we are still relatively stuck with the crazy regulation that tells us we can only shoot firework displays between 2300hrs and 0100hrs... but we are trying (and hoping) to get that changed back to what it was last year... ie: no fireworks after 2130/2200 hrs... MUCH more realistic... and far more sensible!!
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Earlier this month we were honoured to be able to help a wonderful couple celebrate 'tying the knot' at the Renaissance here on Samui. There were quite a few obstacles that had to be cleared before we finally got the right result, but we got there in the end (Phew!) and Glen and Sophie - and their guests - got the fireworks they were so keen to have at their evening celebrations.
Glen was very kind in writing to us to express his thanks (which always means a lot to the guys that did the shoot), saying ...

'I have finally got time to sit down and thank you for the amazing fireworks display you put on for us. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and it capped off an absolutely wonderful and perfect day.'

It is always so nice to get comments like this from our clients, but Glen went one better and sent this beautiful photograph; with permission to use as we wished on our Fb and website!

Thank you both Glen and Sophie... La-on and I would like to wish you both a hundred years of love, happiness, and good health. It was an honour and a pleasure to be allowed to help you celebrate your very special day 🙂

Note: We were not given an attributation for this photograph, so if it was taken by one of our island-based professionals, please do not hesitate to inform me so that I can credit the photograph to you.
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Last week was a busy week for us here at The Firework Shop, with 10 bookings... 8 weddings, and 2 proposals with superb lance-work set-pieces that were so awesome that the 2 surprised ladies simply just HAD to say 'YES'! (keeping our 100% success rate with our proposals... yay!!!)

The week culminated with an amazing shoot at the beautiful luxurious Panacea Retreat in BoPhut... is there a better way to end the week?

The army arrived on the island 2 days ago with the instructions to 'sort out' and apprehend any major drug dealers or 'mafia types' on the island (no complaints from me there!) and to check up on firework suppliers... both legal and illegal!
As regards fireworks they are especially interested in one particular person (wonder who that is then? ... lol), and we will of course help them in that matter in any way we can.

Of course, they also came to see us, and checked all our documents (all in order of course!), and then started asking about the different types of fireworks we had, and what they do... it was then that it really hit home with me that they actually know very little about pyrotechnics... and that goes for army, police, and local government. This means that we have people making decisions about fireworks that actually know very little about the subject! (understandable really).

The army guys in particular were asking La-on lots of questions as - although they use explosives - they have little experience with actual fireworks.

When they saw that we were preparing for a big shoot at Panacea yesterday they all decided that they should come and see the actual display... how we operate and how we set-up the shoot etc... SO... last night at Panacea we had some 'extra' guests! lol ... 2 Senior police, a couple of senior government officials, and a fair few army guys!

They were taking pictures of the fireworks as the team set them up, and asked lots of questions of the team. They were delighted to see the actual shoot itself... some even took video!

The shoot was a big one, and we had 8 members of staff setting up, checking, preparing the remotes etc... and with all our staff in their company shirts they must have looked soooo good... everyone working as a team and triple checking everything prior to the final check just before the shoot.

The comments from all 3 groups (army, police, govt.) made me very proud, and it was obvious that they respected the whole operation 🙂 🙂 🙂
It as just as obvious that they had also learned a lot ... not just about how we run our business, but also about actual fireworks too! RESULT!

Baladt and NY Amphur asked to meet with La-on today to discuss how they could help us in 'moving forward' and also how to keep fireworks and safety on Samui at the highest levels. (my suggestion? ... get rid of the cowboy who has caused no end of problems on Samui!).

All we need to do now is try to get those who make the decisions to ... change the stupid rule that has us shooting only between 11pm and 1 am.... change the stupid rule that restricts us to shooting only for weddings... restrict mortar size to a maximum of 6 inches in diameter (apart from special occasions)... and rescind the license of anyone who's safety standards (or history) are not acceptable or up to scratch... Yup... now THAT would make me a Happy Hippy Chappie! lol

The Firework Shop... acknowledged by police, army, and local government as 'setting the standards'!

For Safety, Quality, and Service there is no need to look any further than The Firework Shop ... Samui's very own pyrotechnics experts ... Onward and Upward!!! 🙂
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Last month was a super month, with 27 bookings... 24 weddings and 3 for lance-work set-pieces... and with some pretty big shoots too! This month is starting to pick up now with 24 bookings in the diary, and a couple at the end of the month which are waiting for confirmation.
Despite the messing about with the 15 days notice... restricted shoot times etc we seem to have finally 'got to grips' with the new system brought in by the government in January!... finally!! However, this month we have already had to turn down 2 Birthday Parties and a corporate event as they don't fit into the 'Weddings Only' rule 🙁 such a shame really... but we can do nothing about it unfortunately.
So... On we go... with The Firework Shop 'lighting up the Samui sky' like no other can, working alongside the best wedding planners on the island to provide wonderful Pyro-memories for their clients.
HAPPY SONKRAN to all our friends near and far! 🙂
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A super picture taken by Khun Best (Wedding Idea Thailand) at The InterContinental last night. The weather was kind to us and broke just long enough to shoot the display... <phew> 😎 Great picture! ... See MoreSee Less

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Tina (Unique Weddings and Events) passed on some comments made by one of her wedding clients very recently (a Hollywood Producer no less!), who complimented our guys on their professionalism, and the fact that they all looked so professional in their 'Pyro Staff shirts. He also noticed that 'Nu smiled all the time' and he said that he was impressed with the levels of safety that we worked to... especially as regards the fountain placement, as the Bride's dress cost '... thousands of dollars'! :0

We decided a long time ago that people and property are much more important than ego or profit, and we work to a simple rule... 'If conditions are not 100% ideal... and/or not 100% safe... then we don't shoot!' Very simple!
It has meant that we have had to cancel a few shoots over the years (now 9 years!!!) but - fortunately - not very many!

We hate to disappoint people on such a special day in their lives... but it simply isn't worth taking risks... all the more so since our last cancellation just happened to be at a resort where their previous 'firework expert' (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons) had actually set fire to the grass roof of one of the resort's villas... thereby adding yet another venue to the list of places that this particular ... ahem... 'expert' had set fire to!

This time the staff at the resort were happy that the team leader (Nu) decided that there was a fire risk due to the strong wind direction, and so cancelled the shoot... a decision never taken lightly or flippantly, but sometimes there is simply no choice. Fortunately both the clients and the planner fully understood the situation 🙁

Anyway... onward and upward!

We have had another busy month this month (no complaints though!) with the latest regulation change throwing a bit of a spanner into the works...! The government - in all its wisdom - suddenly decided that fireworks can only be shot for weddings! No birthdays; anniversaries; corporate events; BBQs etc etc... just weddings!

Although 95% of our bookings are for weddings, it is a shame that the non-wedding events now can not have fireworks 🙁 ... all we can do is all that we can do! 🙁

And.... of course... there is still the 15 day notice period to give to local government for permission to shoot. Sadly we have had to turn down 4 'last minute' bookings for fireworks due to the 15 day rule... very sad... 🙁

3 bookings left for this month... and April is lining up very nicely, so I better get back to checking the huge stack of remote control systems waiting for me.

Birdy Creamy coffee first though.... naturally! 🙂
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3 Terrific shots (by Eak Samui Photography) of our fireworks at YL Residences earlier this month for Natalie at Dream Asia Weddings. ... See MoreSee Less

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