F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long has ‘The Firework Shop’ been in existence?

A: ‘The Firework Shop’ was Koh Samui’s very first fully dedicated professional firework shop, and opened almost 8 years ago. To date, ‘The Firework Shop’ is still Koh Samui’s only professionally run, fully-dedicated firework shop. We are true ‘firework freaks’, and sell only fireworks… no souvenirs, no wooden elephants, no antiques… just fireworks!

Q: Is ‘The Firework Shop’ a licenced and reputable company?

A: Not only are ‘The Firework Shop’ licenced to shoot firework displays anywhere in Thailand, but ‘The Firework Shop’s owner – Khun La-on (‘Laarn’) – was the first person on Koh Samui to ever get a government licence to operate a fully-dedicated firework shop. Khun La-on is proud of her reputation as Samui’s original ‘pyro-expert’, and, as a full member of the highly respected ‘P.G.I.’ (Pyrotechnics Guild International), ‘The Firework Shop’ is dedicated to safety and quality. Our membership also allows us to be fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the international pyrotechnic community. The Firework Shop is also the only fully licenced pyrotechnics operator on Koh Samui.

Q: How do we know that the fireworks sold by ‘The Firework Shop’ are safe to use?

A: There is no easy answer to this question, as fireworks – by their very nature – are dangerous. However, what we can say is that every single firework that is delivered to our shop is fully checked for safety before it is put up for sale or use. The larger fireworks (such as the single-shot mortars) are actually physically taken apart so that a full safety inspection can be given. ‘The Firework Shop’ is the only firework supplier on Koh Samui with staff skilled and experienced enough to do this. We do our utmost to ensure the safety of our customers, and the performance of each and every firework sold. ‘The Firework Shop’ also provides each and every customer with advice on how to transport, set-up, and shoot their fireworks safely (we even have a small ‘sandy beach’ in the shop to demonstrate!), and – just in case you forget, we also give each customer a fully detailed safety information sheet for reference. Again, we are the only fireworks provider on Samui that goes to such lengths to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our customers, and this level of commitment not only goes towards maintaining our reputation as true pyro-professionals, but also ensures we remain the safest and most professional firework suppliers on Koh Samui!

Q: So does this mean that you are more expensive than ‘other’ suppliers?

A: Absolutely not! We don’t charge for the time spent in ensuring the safety of our customers, as this is something that should be done by every firework supplier (but sadly isn’t)! Exaggerated claims are very common among unscrupulous suppliers, who claim to be everything from ‘… the best in Thailand’… to being ’30 – 40% cheaper than others’. You won’t find nonsense like this with ‘The Firework Shop’. If you check those ‘discount’ prices against our prices you will see that they are probably almost identical, and – in many cases – ‘The Firework Shop’ will actually be cheaper! ‘The Firework Shop’ provides the highest quality Japanese, Chinese, and Thai fireworks at very realistic prices… so take all those exaggerated claims from ‘discount’ shops with a (very large) pinch of salt, and dismiss it as simply pure marketing ‘BS’! Even better, why not come and judge for yourself? With ‘The Firework Shop’, the safety, quality, and service come absolutely free… all you pay for are the best (and safest) fireworks you can get for your hard-earned money!

Q: Thai fireworks!? Are they as safe as the Chinese fireworks?

A: The claim by one supplier that Thai fireworks are ‘dangerous’ and ‘less safe’ than Chinese fireworks is absolute nonsense. The aerial effects may differ between them (as do the effects between Chinese and some of the amazing – and more expensive – Japanese fireworks!), and – due to the fact that they do not have to be imported from overseas – Thai fireworks may be a little cheaper (this allows us to provide our customers not only with a range of fireworks, but also a range of prices), but to claim that they are more dangerous than Chinese fireworks is pure tosh (and marketing ‘BS’!). Also worth bearing in mind is the fact that – as discussed above – with ‘The Firework Shop’ every firework is fully checked before sale!

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Indeed we do! If your purchase is over 3,000 baht, then we will deliver free anywhere on Samui. If you buy less than this, then delivery will incur a small fee of 300 baht… a very nominal expense.

Q: Do you shoot firework displays?

A: Absolutely! Shooting firework displays is what we live for! Whether it is to celebrate a wedding, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary, corporate event, or simply a beach barbeque, we will have a fireworks display package to suit both your budget and locality.

Q: What is the cheapest firework display I can book?

A: 10,000 baht is the minimum cost if you want us to come and shoot a firework display for you. However… this cost can be made-up of a mix of fireworks and lance-work (see the gallery for pictures of example lance-work). Of course this is only applicable to our professional firework displays… if you want to some ‘firework fun’, and wish to shoot fireworks yourself, then you will soon be able to choose which fireworks you want from our online catalogue and we will deliver them to you – along with comprehensive safety instructions on how to set-up and shoot your fireworks, and where/when to shoot them.

Q: How much do you charge to shoot a firework display for me?

A: Nothing… gratis… free… zilch… zero… no charge! We believe that you should be able to sit back and enjoy the firework display package that you have bought, and so will send one of our shooting teams (we have 3 shooting teams) to set-up and shoot your firework display for you.

Q: Is it safe to shoot firework displays on Koh Samui?

A: The simple answer to this is that if it isn’t safe to shoot a firework display (for whatever reason) then we won’t shoot! Unlike others, we will not take risks or compromise the safety of people and property (and that includes our shooting staff). Prior to shooting a display we will visit the shoot-site for a safety-check, to ensure that the site itself is appropriate for a firework display (safe perimeter… not too close to anything flammable, or houses etc), whilst also ensuring that the fireworks in the package that you have chosen are suitable and appropriate for the shoot-site. If they aren’t, then you can trust us to change them for fireworks that will not only be suitable, but will also give you the best possible show!

Q: What equipment do you use to shoot firework displays?

A: ‘The Firework Shop’ uses only the most professional equipment to shoot firework displays, thereby ensuring maximum safety of both people and property (and, of course, our staff!). We have numerous professional firework remote firing systems to choose from, depending on the size and location of the display. If mains power is available to us, then we will use one of the mains power driven shooting systems… however, if mains power is not an option, then we have numerous ‘wi-fi’ powered shooting systems which we can use. The remote firing systems can be operated from anywhere between 80 metres and 300 metres away from the shoot-site itself.

We even have a small ‘hand-held’ wi-fi remote control for you to use to actually shoot the first fireworks of your display yourself – how cool is that! This particular remote can be used from up to 150 metres away from the shoot-site, and is therefore 100% safe to use… requiring the simple press of a button to start the firework display… great fun!

The firing tubes we use to shoot the larger diameter professional ‘single-shot’ mortars are made from fibre-glass, and have been specially made for ‘The Firework Shop’ – by a fibre-glass expert in Thailand – to our own ‘higher than normal’ specifications. We believe that our fibre-glass firing tubes are far safer than the more readily available mass-produced firing tubes.

Q: Are your staff competent?

A: Every member of our shooting staff has been trained in pyrotechnics safety and set-up procedures. Many of our shooting staff have been with us since we first opened almost 8 years ago, and are very experienced, skilled, and professional. All newer team members must complete a ‘probationary period’, during which they have limited responsibility and are taught both in the shop and ‘on the job’. Every single aspect of every shoot we do is checked at least 3 times by different members of each team… and then finally checked by the team leader… prior to shooting. Safety is first… second… and third!

We are lucky to have such great people working with us, particularly as they all take an enormous pride in their work… and – being true firework freaks – they also really enjoy their work too, naturally :)))

However, underlying everything we do is the fact that fireworks are inherently dangerous explosives, and our staff make every possible effort to ensure that safety levels are as high as it is possible for them to be.

Q: Can I shoot my own fireworks safely?

A: Indeed you can, and, to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment, we will explain in detail exactly how you should set up and shoot your fireworks safely. Just in case you forget, we will also give you a reminder in the form of a safety leaflet which will explain everything to you.

There are not too many restrictions on where and when you can shoot your own fireworks on Koh Samui, but there are some! We will, of course, explain these to you, so that you don’t cause any problems for either yourself, or indeed others.

Please also keep in mind that many Thai people go to bed early and rise early (go and visit an early morning market at 3a.m. to see just how early!), so – when shooting your fireworks – always keep others in mind… and don’t forget to clean-up afterwards! Leaving your firework debris on the beach is simply not acceptable behaviour, particularly as it doesn’t take too much effort to carry the empty firework tubes/boxes to a nearby rubbish collecting point! :))) Do your bit to ‘Keep Samui Clean’! Most areas of the island have a 2130hrs shooting curfew… that means no shooting fireworks after 9:30pm!

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  1. Jonathan

    Hello, we are planning a wedding in January 2018 and wanted to have a firework show. In your website it states that the law is no fireworks after 9:30 PM. However, our wedding planner said the current law is fireworks are only allowed AFTER 11:00 PM. Would you be available to do a fireworks show on our wedding night? and could you clarify what the law is for fireworks on Koh Samui? Thank you!


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