A World Breaking Record Month for The Firework Shop!

June : A Record Breaking Month for The Firework Shop!
Last month was a great month for us all here at The Firework Shop, and – with 32 bookings – we beat our January 2015 previous record of 29 bookings!

It was pointed out to me way back in January that only a Disney world would have been able to beat our number of bookings (they shoot every night, and Jan. had 31 days, so they beat us by 2! lol), but last month – 30 days, with 32 bookings – would actually place us as the busiest firework business (booking-wise) on the entire planet!!!

OK … so any Disney Land would probably shoot more actual fireworks in one week than we would in a whole year lol, but – as far as the NUMBER of shoots goes, The Firework Shop are World Champions! Yay 🙂

If anyone knows of a firework business that had more bookings last month than we did, I would love to hear about it!

Big, big, BIG thanks to all the staff, who have worked (and continue to work) so hard. We may well be ‘small fry’ compared to the huge shoots of the big guys, but the fireworks we use are exactly the same (in fact bigger than a lot of those used by European companies, due to the restrictions they must work to), and they are just as potentially dangerous, so there is NEVER a time we can relax or get complacent about what we do!

Arrogance, complacency and a big ego are the perfect ingredients for an accident as far as fireworks are concerned… you only have to look at Robert/Ralph Taylor’s firework safety record to see that! (Robert/Ralph Taylor is another firework ‘supplier’ on Koh Samui, and holds his own record… one of setting fire to the most villas, wedding tents and trees on Samui!).

I am so proud that our teams make sure that the set-up and shooting protocols and safety levels we have in place are never compromised – no matter how big or small the shoot is – and that they would also never compromise the safety of people or property.

A lot of the guys have been with us for many years, and could easily be considered as ‘equals’ by any of their U.S. or European peers. They would be more than capable of working alongside any of those ‘Big Guys’ … another fact that makes me very proud to have them onboard.

This month is already looking busy, with 25 bookings confirmed and 2 yet to be finalised, so no holidays booked yet! lol

And… if you are reading this Robert Taylor (also known as Ralph Taylor or Simon Sneddle!) I would like to make a point of thanking you! The numerous scandalous lies and slanderous comments you have made about myself, La-on, our business and our staff on the internet over the last 5 years has only helped to spur us on to be more professional in our work, and more determined to succeed in a way you could only ever dream of … of being the best that we can be … doing the best that we can do … and helping to make hundreds of freshly married couple’s wedding days even more special by providing them with our magical firework displays!

Of course, you didn’t actually help yourself very much by setting fire to a few villas along the way … or that wedding tent … or those trees and shrubs … or even covering wedding guests in firework debris … and shooting that firework ‘accidentally’ actually into a villa that time wasn’t such a good idea and didn’t do your already failing reputation much good either! Likewise simply not turning up for bookings (including a wedding and a kid’s birthday!)… So yes, your customers have left you in droves and come to us … the thing is, they have stayed with us! (NOT setting fire to villas helps lol) and now they can judge for themselves the difference in safety… in service… in professionalism… and – of course – just how much better our firework displays are!

So… thank you Robert/Ralph Taylor/Simon Sneddle … from the heart of my bottom! 🙂

And now I intend to fix myself a rather large Gin and Tonic (with ice and lemon, of course) and revel in my smugness lol lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Firework Shop rules!!! 🙂


The Firework Shop meets Alfred Martarello



The Italian Martarello family are a 3 generation fireworks family, so I reckon they know a thing or two about fireworks lol … and the current generation of 4 brothers are all still heavily involved in the fireworks industry. So… it was something of a real privilege to have Alfred Martarello come to Samui specifically to visit us here at The Firework Shop!

Alfred came with our good friend and patron, P’Chet, and – although it was a little late when they arrived on the island – the 4 of us (Alfred, P’Chet, La-on and myself) went out for a bite to eat and a couple of beers… and talked ‘fireworks’ non-stop!

Alfred and P’Chet work very closely together to bring top quality Italian/Chinese fireworks into Thailand (Alfred has his own factory in China, which he personally supervises to ensure a 100% quality end-product), and we consider ourselves fortunate to be involved with them. Over the last year or so The Firework Shop has been moving towards the Martarello/P’Chet partnership being almost exclusive suppliers of the fireworks we use and sell. Sometimes having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ really is the way to go! … especially when the quality of the product is so high! There are few that can beat the stunning effects and colours of the fireworks from the Martarello factory… and of course… that means better displays… more exciting, more dramatic, and more colourful.

Nobody else on Samui can offer the same as The Firework Shop, as Alfred and P’Chet will only sell their products to service providers that reflect their commitment to safety and quality… particularly safety (as Alfred has learned from personal experience… nearly being killed in a firework accident!), therefore The Firework Shop are the only pyro-providers on Koh Samui that can offer the ‘Martarello Experience’!

After his accident, Alfred decided to take matters into his own hands (quite literally) and decided to make his own products and follow family tradition… with his emphasis being on total quality and safe products! Considering the number of firework displays The Firework Shop do every month, safety HAS to be number one to us… which is why – in this particular case – we are more than happy to put all our eggs into that one… very safe… basket!

Promotional Firework Video; Faraway Weddings, Samui

Faraway Weddings was one of our very first customers almost 7 years ago, and organise wedding packages that can include everything from elephants – through to traditional Thai dancers/musicians – to (of course) fireworks! We shoot many firework displays for them every month.

Faraway are an incredibly professional company, and we are very proud to be associated with them… a more terrific bunch of people would be very difficult to find.

This is a promotional video that Faraway use to promote our wedding firework packages on both their YouTube and company website… and I love it!




Wedding shoot – 20,000 baht

This is a lovely 20,000 baht shoot for a wedding, and finishes with a beautiful lance-work set-piece consisting of 2 x 3 metre waterfalls with double inter-locking hearts (complete with Cupid’s arrow!) in between them. The guy who shouts out ‘Happy New Year‘ is either a few days late for the Chinese New Year celebrations, or a couple of months too late for the New Year! lol lol – or maybe he is just getting into the swing!

We are shooting firework displays for more and more weddings these days, and we now tend to think of them as our ‘speciality’… certainly our ‘romantic’ shoots seem to be well appreciated, by both the Bride and Groom, as well as the guests. Well done ‘Green Team‘ for a lovely shoot.

As normal the camera is way too close to the fireworks to get a really good view/perspective of the display, and – with this in mind – I have finally decided to buy a wide-angle camera so that we can capture the display in full! (About time too – says La-on!). This will mean that we will be uploading more of our shoots! (Yeeaaaaah!).

For the safest, best value, and most beautiful shoots on Samui, there is really only one place to go… the professionals… The Firework Shop!

Police confiscate fireworks from unlicensed Samui shop

Police confiscate fireworks from unlicensed Samui shop

Police recently raided a shop in Lamai (Koh Samui) and confiscated almost 2 tonnes of fireworks which were being stored in the home of Mr. Robert Taylor (aka Ralph Taylor). The TV report of the police raid on ‘Roberts Discount Fireworks’ in Maret, Lamai, Koh Samui, states that neither Robert Taylor or his partner ‘Ya’ could produce a valid licence authorising them to sell fireworks, and that they had been selling fireworks for a number of years without a licence.

Click on the link below to see the TV report on Thai National TV station, Channel 7 (unfortunately it has a 15 second advert before the report is shown!)

Fireworks confiscated from unlicenced seller on Samui

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