Our Promise to You

Our Promise to You

Khun La-on – the owner/manager of ‘The Firework Shop’ – was the first person to qualify for a government license for a fully-dedicated firework shop on Koh Samui, almost eight years ago. Since the opening of that original small firework shop in Maenam, ‘The Firework Shop’ has gone from strength to strength, and gained an enviable reputation on the island for its honesty, integrity, and professional, high quality service.

There are however three things that have remained the same since ‘day one’…

1: … the fact that ‘The Firework Shop’ has, and always will, base its business on three very important foundation stones – these being Safety, Quality, and Service.
These three basic principles have not only ensured a 100% safety record since the opening day of the first shop, but have also helped to generate a regular client base on Koh Samui for which The Firework Shop is justly proud.

2: … the fact that ‘The Firework Shop’ still remains the only fully-dedicated and licenced professional firework supplier on the island!

3: … whether your budget is 10,000 baht or 500,000 baht, you will always receive our 100% commitment to providing you with the best possible professional, quality service… guaranteed!

Fireworks – by their very nature – are potentially dangerous, and a professional ‘fail-to-safety’ mode of operation and ‘no risk’ attitude are absolutely crucial in even the most basic day-to-day operations. This is why – whenever possible – the safety guidelines laid down by the Pyrotechnic Guild International (P.G.I) are adhered to by every fully-trained and experienced member of every one of our shooting teams.

‘The Firework Shop’ are the only pyrotechnic suppliers in Thailand that are full members of the Pyrotechnics Guild Institute!

Simply put – we do not compromise on levels of safety. With this in mind, prior to every shoot, the potential shoot-site is inspected, and a safety/risk assessment made. Like-wise, the integrity of the shoot-site is maintained from the moment the shooting-team arrives to set-up the display, until the shoot is finished and the shoot-site cleared and cleaned.

The safety/risk assessment visit also gives us the opportunity to discuss with the client the most unobtrusive way of bringing the fireworks and ancillary equipment onto the shoot-site, without impinging on the areas occupied by guests. During this visit we may also organize the ‘signal’ to start the firework display on the actual night of the shoot.

After the firework display, the members of the shooting team will ensure that the shoot-site is cleared and cleaned; leaving no trace of the fact that there was ever a shoot at all!

The Firework Shop is the premier supplier of fireworks and professional firework displays on Koh Samui, and shoots regularly for numerous resorts and hotels around the island, as well as many events organizers and wedding planners. The Firework Shop is the preferred service provider for 12 major wedding planners on Koh Samui, shooting (apart from the ‘normal’ shoots for parties, resorts etc) up to 15 weddings each month… often more.

The Firework Shop also provides displays for private parties (birthdays, anniversaries, etc), and supplies services for Koh Samui’s local government sponsored events – for example; Mother’s Day, His Majesty the King’s birthday, ‘Kid’s Day’, and Koh Samui’s annual international fishing competition – to name but a few.

All of our firework displays are shot using professional pyrotechnic remote control firing systems, and we have a number of both ‘Wi-Fi’ powered systems (perfect for when the shoot-site is in a remote location) and ‘mains-powered’ systems (perfect when lots of power is needed – for example the bigger displays with larger numbers of fireworks).

Not being content with the safety levels of the mass-produced fibre-glass mortar casings imported from China (as used by other suppliers on the island), The Firework Shop has its fibre-glass mortar casings (firing tubes) custom-made to our very own (higher) safety specifications by an expert fibre-glass worker in the north-east of Thailand.

Apart from the professional remote control firing systems we use to shoot each firework display, we also have smaller ‘hand-held’ remote control systems available. These give the opportunity for the client/guest to actually shoot the first barrage of fireworks of their display themselves (the shoot team leader then continues the shoot on the bigger remote system).
The hand-held remote control is similar in size to a TV remote control, and is also ‘wireless’. It has an effective range of some 200 metres, making it entirely safe – and fun – to use… all it needs is the press of a button!

Lance-work set-pieces

The Firework Shop has become quite well known over the last few years for its beautiful lance-work set-pieces.
The ‘lance-work’ itself consists of brightly burning ‘lances’ which have been placed on a framework in such a way as to produce basic shapes (Hearts, flowers, animal outlines, corporate logos etc) or letters (which can be made to produce any message or phrase.

Apart from the heart shapes and letters, we can create almost any basic shape to order… for instance we recently created 2 ‘Love Bears’ for a recent proposal evening (she said ‘Yes’- of course!)

We can provide any message in a basic upper case font, with ‘I LOVE YOU’ being one of the most popular… or the couple’s names… or – for a proposal – ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’

With letters starting at only 500 baht each (English alphabet, upper case, block font… c 60 cms tall, proportional width), your clients really can express their undying love for each other… without ‘breaking the bank’!

We can – to order – create any message in any language, or even approximate a specific style of letter or font. (Prices for ‘custom-made’ fonts/styles depend on complexity, but start from 700 baht per letter).

Lance-work set-pieces can be ordered with or without fireworks – perfect for those that don’t like or want fireworks, or simply wish for a quiet, romantic dinner on the beach with an added ‘special ingredient’ – such as a waterfall or romantic message.

Please Note: Our lance-work is not the same as the lower quality ‘fire writing’ offered by many other firework suppliers! Our lance-work is made-up from individually hand-cut letters/shapes and burning flares (lances), and, unlike the ‘fire writing’, our lance-work letters and shapes can be seen clearly from quite a distance.
Our lance-work does not involve petrol or other flammable liquids, and is therefore much safer than ‘fire writing’ (and doesn’t leave a petrol smell hanging around!).
• Full professional-level remote control firing systems are used by our pyrotechnics teams. We even have a small hand-held remote control – similar to a TV remote – so that the client can fire the first barrage of their firework display – or their lance-work – themselves! 100% safe, and can be used up to 100 metres away (discreetly supervised by a member of the pyrotechnics team).
• Our fully-trained and highly experienced, professional pyrotechnics teams ensure that you get the quality of service and high levels of safety that are necessary when shooting pyrotechnics displays. The Firework Shop is not a ‘One-man-band’!
• Custom-built fibre firing tubes made to our own ‘higher-than-normal’ safety specs by a fibre expert (NOT the cheaper Chinese ‘export quality’ tubes!).
• A professional and flexible approach to our work means that we fit in to suit you and your needs… if we have to wait because things are running late, then so be it. The team which will set-up and shoot for you (free of charge) is yours for the duration!
• Perfect firework displays! From planning through to shooting, you will have 100% commitment from us, with the aim of providing you with the most perfect firework display/fire show.
• Perfect display design! Every action-packed display is tailor-made to suit the occasion, with fireworks individually selected to provide fantastic aerial effects and colours, giving you a truly unique and unforgettable ‘firework experience’. (Attached photos are examples only).
• Whether it’s fireworks… lance-work… or an amazing 30 minute fire show, The Firework Shop is your ‘one-stop-shop’ for the safest, most exciting and best value firework displays on Koh Samui.
If you would like more information on The Firework Shop or the types of firework packages and lance-work we can provide, please do not hesitate to ask!

For a safer and more professional approach to fireworks, there is only one choice…

‘The Firework Shop’
Samui’s only Pyro-Professionals


Promotional Firework Video; Faraway Weddings, Samui

Faraway Weddings was one of our very first customers almost 7 years ago, and organise wedding packages that can include everything from elephants – through to traditional Thai dancers/musicians – to (of course) fireworks! We shoot many firework displays for them every month.

Faraway are an incredibly professional company, and we are very proud to be associated with them… a more terrific bunch of people would be very difficult to find.

This is a promotional video that Faraway use to promote our wedding firework packages on both their YouTube and company website… and I love it!




Wedding shoot – 20,000 baht

This is a lovely 20,000 baht shoot for a wedding, and finishes with a beautiful lance-work set-piece consisting of 2 x 3 metre waterfalls with double inter-locking hearts (complete with Cupid’s arrow!) in between them. The guy who shouts out ‘Happy New Year‘ is either a few days late for the Chinese New Year celebrations, or a couple of months too late for the New Year! lol lol – or maybe he is just getting into the swing!

We are shooting firework displays for more and more weddings these days, and we now tend to think of them as our ‘speciality’… certainly our ‘romantic’ shoots seem to be well appreciated, by both the Bride and Groom, as well as the guests. Well done ‘Green Team‘ for a lovely shoot.

As normal the camera is way too close to the fireworks to get a really good view/perspective of the display, and – with this in mind – I have finally decided to buy a wide-angle camera so that we can capture the display in full! (About time too – says La-on!). This will mean that we will be uploading more of our shoots! (Yeeaaaaah!).

For the safest, best value, and most beautiful shoots on Samui, there is really only one place to go… the professionals… The Firework Shop!

The Firework Shop still Koh Samui's only professional…

The Firework Shop still Koh Samui's only professional…

The Firework Shop … still Koh Samui‘s only professional fully-dedicated firework shop that has trained and experienced shooting teams!

The Firework Shop is busier than ever, and although we shoot displays for many types of events, it seems these days that we are shooting more and more for weddings, and I think that we can safely say that weddings are now our ‘specialty’! The various lance-work options… including heart shapes and romantic messages… are becoming very popular, and the waterfall ‘curtain’ – which we normally light after the firework display – continues to bring gasps of delight from the wedding couple and their guests, and gives the most beautiful photo-opportunity!

Now that I have ‘retired’ (lol) it is great being able to stand-back and watch the staff at work! I am really proud of the safety levels they enforce, and their commitment to providing the best possible display at each and every shoot. When a shoot doesn’t go exactly to plan (a particular firework doesn’t perform as expected, or the timing wasn’t quite right etc) they take it really personally, and discuss how things could have been done better/differently. We are so lucky to have such committed staff… many of whom have been with us since we first opened almost 7 years ago… and they are always thinking of ways to make ‘The Firework Shop experience’ better and better.

Well Marc and Elke on a belated honeymoon…

Well Marc and Elke on a belated honeymoon…

Marc and Elke – true blue pyromaniacs to the core!!

Well…. Marc and Elke – on a belated honeymoon – have now left the shores of our sunny island, probably hunting for more firework shops in Bali!! lol We had a great time with them both, and us ‘big kids’ (ie: Marc and myself) had great fun shooting a couple of 5 and 6 inch diamater mortars on the beach in Maenam… Marc was grinning from ear to ear, and – to be honest – I wasn’t much different! lol Even after all this time, I still get such incredible enjoyment from shooting fireworks… even more so when accompanyed by a fellow pyro-maniac! he he

It was great to spend some time with you both, and La-on and I hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!!

Aleks and Sina first contacted us a while…

Aleks and Sina first contacted us a while…

Aleks and Sina first contacted us a while ago, and were planning to get married on Samui. They wanted a ‘D.I.Y.’ wedding, and so did an amazing job in organizing everything themselves… and there is a lot of paper-work involved! Apart from that, the paper-work then has to get translated into Thai, and then taken to a million different offices to get official stamps on it… not an easy task for the feint-hearted!

Everything was sorted out by the time they both got to Koh Samui, and we duly carted them both off to the ‘Town Hall’ on Samui to present their paperwork and get that very special wedding certificate.

Well… that was the plan anyway! Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion when they were getting the completed paperwork in Bangkok, and they left the office (thinking everything was done) before they were given the ‘official’ (ie: stamped) copies of all their documents! All they had when they came to Samui were un-stamped photocopies of their documents!!! Oh Dear!!

Of course, the officials on Samui couldn’t accept the documents without the official stamps, so Aleks and Sina could’t get married… and… to compound things, they only had 48 hours left to collect the officially stamped documents from Bangkok!

Well… to cut a long story short… La-on asked one of her friends living in Bangkok to whizz around to the various offices and collect the official documents on their behalf, and – after a seriously busy day taxi’ing around Bangkok and greasing the appropriate palms, June (La-on’s friend in Bangkok) finally managed to get everything sorted and sent to Samui… Just in time!

So… happy ending and big smiles all around… and Aleks and Sina will never forget their wedding on Samui… complete with all the drama! lol

It was great to be able to help them ‘Tie the knot’, and we all had a great time celebrating their special day… with lots of beer being drunk, and lots of photographs taken! I have put only a few of them below….

CONGRATULATIONS ALEKS AND SINA!!! It really was great to meet you both, and I hope that our paths will cross again soon. La-on and I would like to wish you both the happiest of futures together, and hope that your love for each other never fades.

Aleks and Sina with their coveted marriage certificate!

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