A busy day ahead of us today, with 4 shoots booked for Valentine’s Day tonight.

La-on is already at the shop getting the fireworks for each of the shoots ready… sorting out the shoot order, effects, colours, timing, and which staff are going where, while I am at home checking out and preparing the shooting systems and programming the sequencers that will be used… I must say… I definitely have the easier option! lol

We have had a busy month so far, and the guys are working hard… but loving it – of course!

We had a fantastic shoot at Four Seasons the other day, so much so in fact that the client came down to the beach and gave all 6 members of the shoot-team a 500 baht tip! Brilliant! The guys were chuffed to bits to have their efforts recognised and acknowledged in this way (tips are actually quite rare, and not really expected, so this was a very pleasant surprise for them). We had 2 other shoots that night, and when we all met at the end of the night for the ‘de-brief’ (and Noodle Soup lol), the team that shot at Four Seasons – without any prompting from anyone – all handed La-on their 500 baht notes, and said that it was pure chance that they were selected to shoot at Four Seasons, and that it was only fair that their tip should be shared with all the other staff!

They had apparently discussed this among themselves on their way back to the shop after the shoot, and unanimously agreed it was the right thing to do. A couple of the other guys were more than happy for them to keep their tip, but the FS team insisted!

How cool is THAT?! Now THAT is ‘teamwork’ at its best!

It made me very proud to know that they all support each other like this. In the end, the others decided that the FS guys should have ‘the lion’s share’, and only give 200 baht from their tip to put in the pot – to be shared with the others. We are so lucky to have people like this working for us.

Right… time to get the systems out and checked/programmed… Busy busy busy ! 🙂

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