Firework display captured by a Drone – Wow!

Would you like something really special for your magical day? Then why not have a professional drone video made of your firework display?

We are lucky enough to have a Professional, fully licensed drone ‘pilot’ here on Samui that can capture your firework display from the unique perspective of an airborne drone!! Phil Bedford (Aerial Photography Asia) has done an amazing job in capturing one of our recent shoots for a V.I.P. client here on Koh Samui. He collects video from both the drone and a ground-based camera to create a wonderfully unique and special memory of your magical evening. We here at ‘The Firework Shop’ are proud to be able to offer this amazing service as one of the memory-making options for our clients.
We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do! 🙂



The Firework Shop is now on Instagram!

Yes folks… we have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and no w have an Instagram account… SO… if you haven’t already… FOLLOW US…  or we may have to send ‘The Boys’ to pay you a visit… and believe me, you DO NOT want a visit from ‘One Punch Pete’ and his sidekick ‘Pretty Boy Nik’!!!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Firework Shop – Wedding Day Firework Displays – Info

Hmmmm … I keep looking for the logic in the firework regulations that are now in place… but fail miserably! But this latest restriction ‘takes the biscuit’!

We were recently informed that we would only be given permission to shoot a firework display if it was for a wedding… any other celebratory events would be refused permission upon application. SO… birthdays… anniversaries… proposals… corporate events… etc etc will NOT be given the go-ahead… ONLY weddings!

Why this regulation even entered the discussion is beyond me… we have had no explanation as to why events other than weddings are not allowed to have fireworks.

To Clarify…

Firework displays are ONLY allowed for weddings… the firework booking must be registered at the local government offices AT LEAST 15 days in advance of the shoot date… fireworks are ONLY allowed between the hours of 11pm and 1am (2300hrs – 0100hrs).

I must say that both Baladt and Ny Amphur (our 2 most senior government officials) are doing their level best to support us, but with these regulations emmanating from Central Government in Bangkok our local government officials also have their hands pretty well tied!

Oh… and not to forget… the new regulations make it impossible for us to actually sell consumer fireworks to anyone (15 days notice? Where they will be lit? etc etc)… so if you are wanting a few consumer-type ‘Patio Fireworks’ to set off for your child’s birthday party… or a few rockets to accompany your BBQ on the beach… then forget it! 🙁 🙁 🙁

We are very fortunate in that well over 90% of the firework displays we provide are actually for weddings, and these events are normally planned way in advance (so no problem with the 15 day rule), so our core business model will be relatively unaffected. However, I do feel sorry for those that would love fireworks for their proposal… birthday… retirement etc etc

Such is life! (Such is Thailand! lol) … we can only do what we can do, so please forgive us if we can not provide you with fireworks because your event is NOT a wedding 🙁




A Fabulous February for The Firework Shop

What a fantastic month February has been… and we still have 10 bookings left to fulfill!
We have been fortunate enough to shoot displays in some of Koh Samui’s most beautiful villas and resorts, and – apart from one ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ booking – they have all been weddings … fortunately La-on and myself are ‘die-hard romantics!

Kalyana… Villa Riva… Faraway Villa… Baan Ora Chon… Samujana… Koh Koon… Baan Suriya… and Sangsuri are just a selection of the luxury villas using our services this month, along with resorts such as Four Seasons... Conrad… Intercontinental… YL… Rocky’s… AM Samui… Miskawaan etc etc…

… and with 17 bookings already confirmed for next month, things don’t look as though they are going to slow down much!

Big thanks to team leaders Nu, Non, Dtuan, Prem and the rest of the guys for their efforts in upholding our claims in providing the safest, most professional quality service possible. We would be nothing without them, or indeed their skills, their ideas, their commitment, their loyalty, and their love of what they do! A heart-felt ‘thanks’ to you all!

Back in Full Swing!

Well…. it didn’t take too long for our bookings to shoot back up to ‘pre-holiday’ levels!

This month (Feb) we already have 30 bookings confirmed… with 27 of them for weddings here on our wonderful ‘Wedding Island’! (more…)

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