Are fireworks dangerous?

Are fireworks dangerous?

Well… ‘Yes’ is the short answer!

Fireworks are essentially explosives, and, by definition, explosives are dangerous… particularly in the wrong hands!

Even the small ‘party-type’ fireworks can – if handled incorrectly – cause serious injury, and the bigger diameter ‘display’ fireworks can – potentially – be lethal.

Fireworks are most certainly not toys, and the larger fireworks in particular should only be handled by experienced professionals.

‘The Firework Shop’ does its utmost to ensure that every customer knows exactly what to do with their firework purchases… from transporting them home safely, to setting them up, and shooting them safely.

Of course.. ‘The Firework Shop’ is a bit different from the other firework suppliers on Koh Samui too, in that each and every firework is thoroughly inspected for safety of operation before it is put on any of our shelves to be sold, so the risk factors are minimised.

We go even further with the bigger display fireworks, completely dismantling and checking each component of the firework, before re-assembling it to our high standards of safety.

On Koh Samui, only ‘The Firework Shop’ has staff experienced and skilled enough to do this, and, although it takes time and effort, we consider it vital, as it goes a long way towards ensuring the safety of our customers, clients, and their premises.

As a customer of ‘The Firework Shop’, we will do everything we can to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your fireworks, with the maximum safety.

We will not only explain and show you what to do with each firework you buy, but will also give you a comprehensive safety leaflet just in case you forget what we tell you! 🙂

Are firework displays dangerous?

Well… again, the short answer has to be ‘Yes’… and not using a professional pyrotechnician increases the risk factors dramatically.

As [for example] a resort/hotel manager, your responsibilities go a lot further than just your own safety, and include not just the safety of your customers and staff, but also that of the buildings and surrounds of the resort itself.

It is a huge responsibility.

In these days of litigation and compensation, it is vital that, as the person responsible for booking a firework display, you are seen to have done everything possible to avert a dangerous situation. With respect to fireworks, this means using only the best quality fireworks available, and using the most professional and experienced pyrotechnicians to set-up and shoot them for you.

There can’t be a bigger nightmare for a resort manager than to have a customer injured by a cheap/sub-standard firework ‘mis-firing’, or to have a fire started by a firework.

The consequences of both scenarios are very scary indeed!

And if you think that ‘it could never happen’… then think again!

Just as the ability to buy a Rolls Royce does not make a person an expert driver; the purchase of a firework remote-control firing unit does not make a person a pyrotechnician/firework expert.

Using professional pyrotechnicians – firework experts – is the only way to minimise the risks and guarantee that you have people who really know what they are doing, and who you can trust.

There is a very big difference between ‘A shop that sells fireworks’ (along with many other ‘non-firework’ products), and ‘A Firework Shop’ (which sells only fireworks)!

‘The Firework Shop’ only sells fireworks! We are more than enthusiasts… and much more than ‘hobbyists’.

Fireworks are our life, and not simply ‘another product we sell’, and we would never put our customers at risk with either sub-standard fireworks, or a sub-standard service!

The Firework Shop’ will not take risks with either life, limb, or property, and, although a cancellation can bring disappointment, if the weather makes shooting a firework display dangerous, then canceling is the not only the safest option, it is also the most professional one.

‘The Firework Shop’ will not place profit above safety.

Fortunately, canceling a firework display is very rare, and we have only had to cancel 3 firework displays in the last 4 years!

How can you tell if a firework is ‘sub-standard’?

The simple answer to this is that you can’t!

A sub-standard 3 inch diameter mortar will – to all intents and purposes – look exactly the same as a top-quality 3 inch diameter mortar!

Only being taken apart by an experienced pyrotechnician will show whether or not poor quality components have been used… and this is exactly how we check our fireworks. We leave nothing to chance!

As customers (ie: ‘non-experts’), you only have the word of the seller to rely on, and, as all managers in service industries are fully aware, ‘smooth-talking’ sales people will sometimes say anything to sell their product!

This is where trust and credibility really count… and when the well-being and safety of customers is at stake, it makes sense to use recognised professional pyrotechnicians to shoot firework displays on your premises! I am – of course – talking about ‘The Firework Shop’!

So let us ask that ‘key’ question again…

Are fireworks dangerous?

Yes… but they are a lot safer when they are in the hands of trained and experienced professional pyrotechnicians!

Don’t cut corners with explosives…

Don’t put your guests, staff, and premises at risk…

Use the professionals… the experts…

Use ‘The Firework Shop’

Anyone else simply isn’t good enough!

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