Jan 12th…

3 smashing shoots tonight, the guys (n gals!) did us proud! A proposal with ‘MARRY ME?’ lance-work and fireworks (she said ‘Yes!’ … of course lol)… so romantic 🙂 … as well as a lovely shoot at the amazing ‘W’ resort, and the opening ceremony of a new shopping centre in BoPhut – ‘The Wharf’ – Where Bowie – the Thai singing star – was the main entertainment… until we shot the fireworks that is! lol.

We are now up to 26 confirmed shoots this month, but we have time to breathe tomorrow (with ‘only’ one shoot… at Four Seasons), Wow!! … I think they call this ‘the calm before the storm’! Sadly, my beautiful daughter flies back to England tomorrow… I am going to miss her terribly… but she WILL be back… maybe even with her brother, Ged. Now that would be wonderful… to have them both over here at the same time!!!

We are still having some minor problems with the wireless remotes, which – since NYE have been decidedly ‘glitchy’ – so we are going to invest in some more wired systems… modular, so that we can link them together when required. Time to empty the piggy bank and add to the wireless and WiFi systems we have.

We are also looking to increase the number of smaller systems that we can use for clients to blast off the first barrage of their display (10/12 cue sequencers). We have been using sweet little 10 cue sequencers for quite a while… but they are starting to show their age, so time to retire them I think. We will also be looking for some simple small systems (4-6 cue?) for the lance-work set-pieces. I am looking forward to a bit of ‘shopping therapy’ ha ha.

Hope everyone’s New Year has got off to a great start… keep smiling… be safe, and ) as my Mum used to say (I think the older ones among us might know this one) … if you can’t be careful, remember the date! lol

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