Spent the day getting ready for tonight’s shoots, planning the shell colours and effects, and checking the remote firing systems. All 3 teams are out tonight again… a private shoot at the beautiful Villa Michaela, and teams shooting at both the Conrad and at ‘W’ Resort. The nightly rain seems to be holding off (I hope I haven’t ‘jinxed’ it by saying that! lol)… and we have welcomed back 2 members of staff who were with us up until 2 years ago when they had to go off and do their National Service in the Army. One of the guys spent his time training as an explosives expert, so blowing things up is obviously in his blood! lol Their 2 years service is up, and it is great to have them back with us. We should have some video to put up later… not sure from which shoot though… probably the Villa Michaela shoot. Fingers crossed the weather holds up for the guys!

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