3 shoots tonight, and all went very well, with some great feedback from the clients… it makes a huge difference to the staff when clients take the time to come down to the team to say thank you, and that the guests really enjoyed the display… makes it all worthwhile smile emoticon One of the shoots was a corporate event with fireworks and a surprise lance-work set-piece (‘SYNERGY 2016 LONDON’)… a real hit with the guests.

Tonight’s 3 shoots were at the Conrad, Baan Asan, and Anantara… 3 great venues.

Some idiot was shooting a firework display just after midnight tonight… fortunately it didn’t last too long, but shooting big mortars at midnight in heavily populated areas just isn’t acceptable… it must have scared the living daylights out of people living close by! Not only does it go against the guidelines laid down by the police, but it is so inconsiderate. All of our clients are aware of the 9:30/10:00pm cut-off time. and understand it completely… obviously there are some who just don’t care… thing that gets me is that it gives us all a bad name… sheeeesh! Such is life huh? At least we know that we face up to our responsibilities as safe, considerate, kind, wonderful, personable, incredibly skilled, devilishly handsome and beautiful, professionals! lol (Did I miss anything out? ha ha)

Time for bed said Zebedee!

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