It was a busy day yesterday… getting everything ready for the 4 shoots booked for last night. La-on and the designated shoot leaders spent most of the day at the shop selecting the shells and cakes they wanted for their displays, and La-on double-checking the tool kits that go out with each shoot… igniters… igniter wire… and all the different tools for setting up.

My job was checking and preparing the firing systems needed by each team… a mix of main firing systems plus smaller WiFi sequencers for the mortar barrages and the opening barrage (we offer the option of the client ‘pressing the button’ to shoot that opening barrage… almost everyone takes up the offer… and almost exclusively male… no surprise there huh? ha ha I mean… who doesn’t like ‘blowing stuff up?’ lol)

Of course, everything went well, with all shoots doing exactly what they should do…. that is… ‘Lighting up the sky’!!

We hope that the guests of all 4 venues enjoyed their shows… YL ResidenceSilavadeeMelati… and Le Meridien.

We have 12 bookings in the next 7 days, with some big lance-work set-pieces that I need to get together… work on those will start tomorrow.

UPDATE: I have decided to make some new heart-based lance-work set-pieces over the next few weeks, as the heart shapes are very popular, both for proposal events and weddings… so I plan on having a lot more choices for those Romantic Occasions!

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