Another hot day on paradise island… 11am and touching 37 on the garden thermometer already! But… no time to enjoy the sun today… I have to get on with a ‘MARRY ME…’ lancework set-piece for one of the shoots tonight… a really romantic beach-side proposal… awwwwwwww 🙂

3 shoots tonight, and 4 booked for tomorrow night… a busy week ahead methinks!

I discovered that the problem with the remote the other night was a plastic switch which had shorted out due to a bit of burning ember from a fire-spinner who was performing near-by… the remote obviously ‘failed to safety’ and completely shut down.

Usually we close the lids of the remotes, but – as they were still on ‘standby’, and still needed to be switched over to ‘fire’, the lids were still up.

Never mind… we learned from it, and I have since replaced all of the switches on every single remote system with much stronger, metal-type toggle switches, instead of the cheap plastic rocker switches that come with the systems.

It’s crazy that an expensive piece of equipment relies completely on a cheap plastic switch! I have suggested to the equipment manufacturers that they change to stronger toggle switches! It is a case of ‘… spoiling the ship for a penny’s worth of tar’! (Who is old enough to understand that saying? lol)

We have had them fail before and simply replaced them with the same type of plastic switch… bad move… they are simply not strong enough to cope with the usage we give them, so now we have ‘heavy duty’ switches, and I expect no more problems with them, either by failing due to use, or by burning embers from Fire Spinners! lol.

Right… a Birdy Super Creamy coffee for me, then to work on the Lance-work set-piece!!! (Note to self: take a fan to the work area, coz it is HOT!!!! )

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