Aleks and Sina first contacted us a while ago, and were planning to get married on Samui. They wanted a ‘D.I.Y.’ wedding, and so did an amazing job in organizing everything themselves… and there is a lot of paper-work involved! Apart from that, the paper-work then has to get translated into Thai, and then taken to a million different offices to get official stamps on it… not an easy task for the feint-hearted!

Everything was sorted out by the time they both got to Koh Samui, and we duly carted them both off to the ‘Town Hall’ on Samui to present their paperwork and get that very special wedding certificate.

Well… that was the plan anyway! Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion when they were getting the completed paperwork in Bangkok, and they left the office (thinking everything was done) before they were given the ‘official’ (ie: stamped) copies of all their documents! All they had when they came to Samui were un-stamped photocopies of their documents!!! Oh Dear!!

Of course, the officials on Samui couldn’t accept the documents without the official stamps, so Aleks and Sina could’t get married… and… to compound things, they only had 48 hours left to collect the officially stamped documents from Bangkok!

Well… to cut a long story short… La-on asked one of her friends living in Bangkok to whizz around to the various offices and collect the official documents on their behalf, and – after a seriously busy day taxi’ing around Bangkok and greasing the appropriate palms, June (La-on’s friend in Bangkok) finally managed to get everything sorted and sent to Samui… Just in time!

So… happy ending and big smiles all around… and Aleks and Sina will never forget their wedding on Samui… complete with all the drama! lol

It was great to be able to help them ‘Tie the knot’, and we all had a great time celebrating their special day… with lots of beer being drunk, and lots of photographs taken! I have put only a few of them below….

CONGRATULATIONS ALEKS AND SINA!!! It really was great to meet you both, and I hope that our paths will cross again soon. La-on and I would like to wish you both the happiest of futures together, and hope that your love for each other never fades.

Aleks and Sina with their coveted marriage certificate!

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