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The Firework Shop is a full member of P.G.I. (Pyrotechnics Guild International)

Welcome to the world of fireworks!
The Firework Shop is Koh Samuis One-Stop-Shop for all your firework needs – from Bottle Rockets to full-on professional firework displays that will leave you breathless with excitement – whilst also providing a quality, professional service which has safety as its major foundation stone. In short… The Firework Shop shoots the most exciting, colourful, professional, safest and best value firework displays on the island! Our shooting-team staff are all pyro-enthusiasts, and are trained as close as possible to European firework safety standards. Many of our staff have been with us since we first opened almost 8 years ago, and are just as enthusiastic about their work now as they were then!

Khun La-on – Owner/Manager

The First!

Khun La-on, the owner/manager of The Firework Shop, was the first person ever to get a government licence for a fully dedicated firework shop on the island of Samui, and ran the island’s very first firework shop – originally situated in Maenam, before then moving to set-up the bigger shop in Bantai.

The Best!

There is no short-cut for experience, and Khun La-on – Samui’s firework pioneer – is not only acknowledged by many as Samui’s fireworks expert – with more experience and knowledge of fireworks than anyone else on Samui – but she also has a staff team of trained and experienced professional pyrotechnicians that will shoot your display for you free of charge… all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your very own firework display.

The Firework Shop is a specialist firework shop, concentrating on what it does best, and is dedicated purely to pyrotechnics, selling only fireworks. Unlike other suppliers, fireworks are not just at the top of our list, but are the only thing on our list! After all, when you are dealing with fireworks, it makes sense to go to a specialist, professional supplier rather than a shop which may have had their fireworks sitting on shelves for many months (and , in some cases, even years!).

If you are simply after some firework fun (as opposed to a professional firework display) then we have a range of consumer fireworks that you can order and that we will deliver to your door (Koh Samui only). We will also give you an information sheet detailing how to set-up and shoot your fireworks safely… as well as links to videos on our YouTube channel which actually show you how to do this.

It is due to Khun La-on’s dedication to firework safety that The Firework Shop has such a high reputation on the island, which is why ‘The Firework Shop is the premier provider of fireworks and displays for many of the islands most popular and prestige resorts, wedding and events organisers, and even Koh Samui’s Local Government.

The Safest!

As members of the Pyrotechnics Guild International (P.G.I.), The Firework Shop is committed to the highest safety procedures possible, and Khun La-on’s attitude to her business is under-pinned by the strong Buddhist ethic of ‘Tam dee – dye dee (‘Do good – get good), which is why The Firework Shop will never sell cheap or sub-standard fireworks.

All of the fireworks offered by The Firework Shop are the best quality Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai products available, as we believe that the safety of our customers and clients is paramount.

Every firework that is delivered to The Firework Shop has been on a long journey before it reaches us. We simply can never know how those fireworks have been handled on that journey to us, which is why we completely dismantle, check, and then rebuild every single consumer firework before we put them on the shelves and make them available to our customers.

The Firework Shop is the only supplier of fireworks on Koh Samui that has staff skilled and experienced enough to be able to do this!

We leave nothing to chance, and strongly believe that the time we take to ensure our customer’s safety is more than worth the effort. It also guarantees that every firework which leaves The Firework Shop is not only safe to use, but will function exactly as it is supposed to, and give a beautiful show!

Whilst fireworks are great fun – to both shoot AND watch – Khun La-on takes her responsibility to her customers (both regular and new) very seriously, and makes no bones about just how dangerous fireworks can be if they are stored, handled and/or fired incorrectly.

With this in mind, every customer – no matter how big or small their purchase – is given personal advice on how to set-up and shoot their fireworks safely and correctly, as well as a comprehensive Safety Sheet full of information and safety tips.


Shooting firework displays

3,4,5,6,and 8 inch diameter HiPro Mortar tubes

All of our firework displays are shot using either one of our professional ‘WiFi wireless programmable remote control systems or one of our numerous mains-powered remote firing systems.

Every firework display we shoot is thoroughly planned, with each firework carefully timed to produce a display that will not only have you gasping with delight, but will also provide you with even more wonderful memories of your time here on our little corner of paradise.

You may notice that the Mortar tubes in the photographs are not the standard orange or yellow colour. The reason for this is quite simply that we will not buy the cheaper, mass-produced mortar tubes. Each and every one of our Mortar tubes is built to our very own ‘higher than normal’ specifications by a fibre-glass expert here in Thailand, ensuring that they are the safest that they could possibly be.

For those that want to have more involvement in their firework display, we can even provide you with a small hand-held remote control unit (similar to a small TV remote control) which you can use to fire the first barrage of fireworks of your very own firework display… all by simply pressing a button! How cool is THAT?! The Firework Shop’s shooting team will then take-over shooting the rest of the display on the main remote firing system, so that you can then relax and enjoy your very own firework spectacular!



A huge range of fireworks to choose from!


One of our mains-powered shooting systems



Whether you are celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate event or an opening ceremony… or even a simple family gathering or beach BBQ… if you want to make your special event even more special, and create even more fantastic memories of your time on Samui,
there really is only one place to go…
The professionals…
The experts…

The Firework Shop…

Where Safety, Quality, and Service count.

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