A World Record for The Firework Shop?

After talking with some of our pyro-friends in different countries, they were amazed to hear that we had 29 bookings for firework displays during the month of January, and doubted if any other firework shop or company anywhere had as many confirmed shoots as we did! After a bit of research it seems that this could well be true, and so… ‘The Firework Shop’ is claiming a ‘World Record’ for an officially registered firework business with the most bookings – and confirmed shoots – in the month of January… ANYWHERE in the world!!

How cool is THAT?!

I will be asking our pyro-colleagues on a few more of the bigger international firework forums if they know of any other firework business that can beat 29 confirmed shoots for January… but I reckon that we are way ahead of anyone else in numbers of shoots booked and completed! I wonder if we should be contacting The Guinness Book of Records!? lol

I just love the headline…. ‘The Firework Shop’ – Number 1 in the World! lol 🙂

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