Another great week for The Firework Shop comes to a close… but we can’t relax too much just yet! Tonight we have 4 bookings… all for weddings (we have 19 weddings booked in for this month already… as well as a couple of proposals, and 2 birthday parties!). So I have to get my brain into gear and sort out the remote firing systems… check them out first, then allocate the most suitable systems for each of the 4 shoots. It is made a little easier in that one of the teams can do 2 of the shoots due to the time difference between them… now THEY will be very busy bunnies! 🙂 La-on is currently organising each of the firework packages, and then will prepare each shoot with the best mix of colours, effects, etc. The shells from P’Chet are really beautiful… coming from the Martarello factory (Italian firework family) I would expect no less! Thecolours are bright, and the effects amazing!

Right… onwards and upwards… to work!

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