What a fantastic month February has been… and we still have 10 bookings left to fulfill!
We have been fortunate enough to shoot displays in some of Koh Samui’s most beautiful villas and resorts, and – apart from one ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ booking – they have all been weddings … fortunately La-on and myself are ‘die-hard romantics!

Kalyana… Villa Riva… Faraway Villa… Baan Ora Chon… Samujana… Koh Koon… Baan Suriya… and Sangsuri are just a selection of the luxury villas using our services this month, along with resorts such as Four Seasons... Conrad… Intercontinental… YL… Rocky’s… AM Samui… Miskawaan etc etc…

… and with 17 bookings already confirmed for next month, things don’t look as though they are going to slow down much!

Big thanks to team leaders Nu, Non, Dtuan, Prem and the rest of the guys for their efforts in upholding our claims in providing the safest, most professional quality service possible. We would be nothing without them, or indeed their skills, their ideas, their commitment, their loyalty, and their love of what they do! A heart-felt ‘thanks’ to you all!

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