Well… no letting-up with the work load, and the teams are just as busy as ever, with 8 shoots in the last 4 days! Nu and Baahn have been organising the teams and shoots as La-on was off ‘gallivanting’ (great word that! lol) around having fun ‘up north’!

Actually it was all work, as she was meeting with P’Chet at the warehouses to sort out the next few months of fireworks we will be using on our shoots, and organising delivery schedules etc.

Our ‘middle daughter’ (Dtang, 20 years old) has finished her schooling and business management training, and came back with La-on to Samui… so Dtang will putting her new skills into action and will be getting more involved in helping out La-on with various aspects of the business.

Dtang has been involved with the shop on and off since she was 14 years old, and loves ‘getting her hands dirty’ lol… she is a hard worker and a natural shooter, with a real eye for balance and colours. Eventually she wants to train up to be a shooter… but in the meanwhile will be a real bonus addition to the staff team.


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