6 January
Just finished the biggest lance-work set-piece we have ever done… for an event at YL Residence (Hi Donna!)… each letter is a full 1 metre tall… and in Russian! It should look terrific, and will be a fitting finale to the firework display.
Our booking diary is looking rather full, with 24 bookings (almost all of them weddings) now confirmed for this month alone, and 18 already for next month… so much for having a short holiday to recover from all the New Year hustle and bustle! (Actually I just wanted to get stuck into the unfinished modifications on my motorbike! Looks like my baby will have to wait a while longer to have her rotor stripped and re-wound lol).

EXCITING UPDATE!!! Our new website is live!!! Hey hey hey!!! There are still a couple of things that need tweaking, but I am looking forward to getting loads of content and information up there! We are also planning our new team outfits… most probably orange jump suits… complete with our fantastic logo on the back… some of the guys are still debating the colour… but my vote is on orange… easy to see, therefore safe… but I will go with the democratic decision lol … Have a super day people!

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